KSU Open Info


DATE AND TIME: Saturday, February 20, 2010
11:00 a.m. - Field Events 2:30 p.m. - Track Events

PLACE: All events will be held in Ahearn Fieldhouse on the Ward Haylett Track. The track surface is Rekortan. The throwing circles are concrete.

ELIGIBILITY: This is an open meet and will not be team scored. The number of accepted entries may be limited to keep the meet on schedule.

RESTAURANTS AND MOTELS: Listings are enclosed as well as maps of the campus and Manhattan.

ENTRIES: Entries must be done ON-LINE. Entries will be accepted beginning Monday, February 8, 2010 and must be declared by 12:00 (noon) Wednesday, February 17th. You must have corresponding TFRRS ID numbers for all athletes trying to qualify for NCAA I and II national championships. All Declarations are to be made on-line. Please follow these directions.

New NCAA Rule: Section 1. Misconduct: Misconduct is any act of dishonesty, unsportsmanlike conduct, unprofessional behavior or breach of law occurring at the locale of the competition or warm-up, that discredits the event or intercollegiate athletics. Misconduct includes the intentional reporting of false marks for entry purposes. Acts of misconduct are subject to reprimand or ejection by the referee or meet management.

NEW NCAA LEGISLATION: NCAA Div I and II must obtain TFRRS ID's for all team members before entering the meet. Go to www.tfrrs.org and follow instructions. You will be able to download your team roster and TFRRS ID numbers into the meet entry website.

Go to http://www.aspimeetz.com/12720 and follow instructions.

ENTRY FEE: $15.00 per individual, $175.00 maximum per team. Entry can be paid at Event Check-In in the gymnasium next to the indoor track. Make checks payable to: KSU Track and Field - Foundation.

WEIGHT IMPLEMENTS: Soft shell weights only will be used.

WEIGH-IN OF IMPLEMENTS: Begins 1-1/2 hours and ends 30 minutes prior to start of first throwing event. Weigh-In is located in the Northeast corner of the Field House.

RESULTS: Will be available at the conclusion of the meet.

STARTING HEIGHTS: Will be determined by entries
The minimum starting heights will be:
PV (W) - 3.05m/10'0" PV (M) - 4.30/14'3/4 "
HJ (W) - 1.58/5'2 ¼" HJ (M) - 1.89/6'2 ¼"

MINIMUM DISTANCE MEASUREMENTS: Minimum distances for measurement will be determined by entry distances.

TRIPLE JUMP BOARD: Only one board will be used for men and women. Distance from edge of sand pit to
Women's board is 32-10 and to the Men's board is 42-0.

Contact: Steve Fritz
Assistant Track and Field Coach
Kansas State University
106 Ahearn Field House
Manhattan, KS 66506-0306
Cell number: 785-587-7710
Fax number: 785-532-7358



Field Events
11:00 a.m. Weight Throw Followed by Shot Put (W) followed by (M)
11:00 a.m. High Jump (W) followed by (M)
12:30 p.m. Long Jump Followed by Triple Jump (M) followed by (W)
12:30 p.m. Pole Vault (W) followed by (M)

Track Events
2:30 p.m. One Mile Run -- Final (W) (M)
60 Meter Dash -- Prelim (W) (M)
60 Meter Hurdles -- Prelim (W) (M)
400 Meter Dash -- Timed Section Final (W) (M)
600 Yard Run -- Timed Section Final (W) (M)
60m Hurdles -- Final (M) (W)
60m Dash -- Final (M) (W)
800 Meter Run -- Timed Section Final (W) (M)
1000 Meter Run -- Timed Section Final (W) (M)
200 Meter Dash -- Timed Section Final (W) (M)
3000 Meter Run -- Final (W), (M)
1600 Meter Relay -- Final (W) (M)


55M Dash 6.94 Latricia Joyner Unattached 1993
55M Hurdle 7.7 MT Kim Kilpatrick Kansas State 1989
60M Dash 7.43 Shelia Burrell OMNI 2000
60M Hurdle 8.34 Lisi Maurer Kansas State 2006
200M Dash 24.41 Nicole Green Kansas State 1994
300 Yd Dash 35.52 Keva Mackey Barton County 1989
400M Run 54.07 Nicole Green Powerade TC 1996
600 Yd Run 1:21.06 Shunte' Thomas Kansas State 2006
800M Run 2:08.77 Emily Diederich Kansas State 1998
1000M Run 2:52.66 Katy Eisenmenger Kansas 2002
One Mile Run 4:55.20 Heather Garrett Oklahoma State 1990
3000M Run 9:15.13 Korene Hinds Unattached 2003
1600M Relay 3:46.6 MT Barton County 1990
3200M Relay 9:07.8 MT Univ. of Nebraska 1993
Shot Put 56'4 1/2" Rebekah Green Kansas State 2004
High Jump 6'3 1/4" Gwen Wentland Nike 1998
Pole Vault 13'9 1/4" Jessi Graf Nebraska 2004
Long Jump 20'1 3/4" Vanitta Kinard Kansas State 1996
Triple Jump 43'10 3/4" Vanitta Kinard Nike 2004
20 lb. Wt. Throw 69'2 3/4" Loren Groves Kansas State 2008

55M Dash 6.28 Ronald Lloyd Barton County 1990
6.28 Thomas Randolph Kansas State 1992
55M Hurdles 7.33 Charles Armstead Kansas State 1990
60M Dash 6.69 Terence Newman Kansas State 2002
60M Hurdles 7.80 Peter Coghlan Unattached 2004
200M Dash 21.47 Terence Newman Kansas State 2001
300 Yd Dash 31.08 Tyrone Watkins Kansas State 1989
400M Run 47.53 Tyson Spears Lincoln Univ. 1992
600 Yd Run 1:09.65 Tyrone Watkins Kansas State 1991
800M Run 1:51.5 MT Mike Macinco Unattached 1991
1000M Run 2:23.14 Eliud Njubi Dodge City 2000
One Mile Run 4:06.04 Trey Harrison Wichita State 1989
3000M Run 8:15.35 Trey Harrison HCA Wesley TC 1993
1600M Relay 3:11.1 MT Barton County 1989
3200M Relay 7:33.6 MT Univ. of Nebraska 1992
Shot Put 66'1" Christian Cantwell Missouri 2002
35 lb Weight 75'2 1/2" Scott Russell Kansas 2002
High Jump 7'5 1/4" Kyle Lancaster Kansas State 2006
Long Jump 25'10 1/4" Sean Robbins Nike 1998
Triple Jump 52'3 1/4" Randy Lewis Wichita State 2004
52'3 ¼" Stelios Kapsalis Unattached 2008
Pole Vault 18'5 1/2" Pat Manson Univ. of Kansas 1989

(Updated 9-10-09)