Kansas State Head Coach Ron Prince Quotes

Opening Statement...

“For the second time this year we played a team that I think has the ability and the system to win a national championship. Clearly they have the talent, the schemes and the system put in place. I thought that at times in the game we were able to be very competitive. The job that I have going forward here is to try to get our offense, defense and kicking game to all play well at the same time. That did not happen today. We had a stretch of time in the second quarter where defensively the game got away from us. We came back in the second half, we really didn’t change anything, made some adjustments in the blocking schemes, we were getting cut on the backside and that was opening up some holes and we were able to play much better. I know the game was loose from a scoring standpoint, and that contributed, but I thought we played better defensively in the second half, tale of two halves though because then in the second half offensively we didn’t accomplish much with what we had the opportunity to do. This is one of those issues where we’ve got to get all playing well at the same time. At 28-28 we felt we were in a pretty good spot there. We thought a kicking game play, a blocked punt or something of that nature might happen for us, and it happened against us. Those are the things we can’t have; those are the places and areas we have to have an advantage. We talked about turnovers in the kicking game, we had a big aspect of trying to beat these type of teams, that’s where you went, and we got the big kicking play against us and then we obviously turned the ball over. I know there was a lot of things going on apart from that, but basically that’s what I told our team afterwards and at halftime I thought they responded defensively in the second half, but offensively we left a lot of points out there.”


On the speed of the game

“I really believe this, I believe national championship, or national championship caliber teams, like they are, answer the way they answer. When you do something positive, they come right back out and they play some of their most physical football at 28-28. There was no question, no doubt left as to who is the more physical football team at 28-28. That’s where we must improve, that’s where we’ve had our issues about beating and competing with teams, in this conference, particularly in the North, they were able to win the line of scrimmage at 28-28. Because of that you start to plug holes and then you start to have some issues other places but I thought that’s what really good teams that win championships can do.”


On the turnovers...

It’s one of those deals where you know turnovers are going to kill you against a team like this; you can’t give them extra possessions. If we’re not playing aggressive then you really have no shot against a team this good. For every play like the one to Ernie, the long plays, you throw it deep and he makes a play, for every one of those plays you have when you have a turnover that offsets it, it kills your momentum. I just felt that today, what occurred in the second half, particularly in the third quarter and early in the fourth quarter we had the opportunity to make a run, and couldn’t take advantage of it. We had the ball down there a couple times and came away with no points and that was very damaging.”