KSU Invitational





Date & Time:     Friday, January 4, 2008         

                            Saturday, January 5, 2008     


Friday--Field Events begin at 2:00 p.m., Track Events at 4:00 p.m.

Saturday--Field Events begin at 12:00 p.m., Track Events at 3:30 p.m.       


Place: All events will be held in Ahearn Field House on the Ward Haylett Track.

     Our track surface is Rekortan and the shot put/weight throw ring is wooden.




& Motels: Listings are enclosed as well as maps of the campus and Manhattan.



     Entries must be done ON-LINE.  Entries will be accepted beginning Monday, December 31, 2007 and must be declared by 12:00 (noon) Wednesday, January 2nd.

     Additions and changes may be made up until 12:00 (noon), January 2nd.  All declarations are to be made on-line.  All Declarations are final as of 12:00 (noon) Wednesday, January 2nd.  Please follow these directions.


Online Entry Web Address:

     Go to http://trackmeet.aspisolutions.com/team/index.asp?IDMEET=1644 for meet entry.


Weight Implements: Soft shell weights only will be used.


Weigh-In of Implements: Begins 1-1/2 hours and ends 30 minutes prior to start of first throwing event.  Weigh-In is located in the Northeast corner of the Field House.


Results: Results will be available at the conclusion of the meet.






Friday, January 4, 2007


Field Events

2:00 pm  Weight Throw     Women followed by Men

               Long Jump          Women followed by Men

               High Jump           Men followed by Women


Running Events Women followed by Men

4:00 pm  1000m

               200m Dash




Saturday, January 5, 2007


Field Events

12:00 pm  Shot Put        Women followed by Men

1:00pm     Pole Vault     Women followed by Men

                 Triple Jump   Women followed by Men



Running Events Women followed by Men

3:30 pm    Mile Run

3:45          60M Hurdles

3:50          60M Dash

4:00          400M Run

4:10          600Y Run

4:20          800M Run

4:30          3000M Run

4:50          1600M Relay







55M Dash         6.94                 Latricia Joyner                   Unattached               1993

55M Hurdles     7.7 MT             Kim Kilpatrick                  Kansas State             1989

60M Dash         7.42                 Agne Eggerth                    Unattached               2007

60M Hurdles     8.58                 Shelley-Ann Brown            Nebraska                  2001

200M Dash       24.41                Nicole Green                     Kansas State             1994

300 Yd Dash     35.52                Keva Mackey                    Barton County          1989

400M Run        54.07                Nicole Green                     Powerade TC            1996

600 Yd Run      1:21.33             Lesley Owusu                    Nebraska                 2001

800M Run        2:11.13             Amy Mortimer                   Kansas State            2000

1000M Run      2:50.91             Korene Hinds                     Kansas State             2001

One Mile Run   4:53.30             Annie Wetterhus                 Kansas State            1999

3000M Run      9:43.33             Donna Levy                        Unattached              1992

1600M Relay    3:46.29                                                     McKendree              2000

3200M Relay    9:07.8 MT                                                Univ. of Nebraska     1993

Shot Put          53’10.50”          Rebekah Green                    Kansas State            2003

High Jump       6’3.50”             Gwen Wentland                   Nike                       2006

Long Jump       20’1.75”           Vanitta Kinard                     Kansas State            1996

Triple Jump      42’5.25”           Chaytan Hill                       Kansas State            2004

20 lb. Wt. Throw  67’10”4         Loren Groves                      Kansas State            2007

Pole Vault        13’7.25”            Breanna Eveland                  Kansas State            2006




55M Dash         6.28                  Ronald Lloyd                    Barton County           1990

                       6.28                  Thomas Randolph              Kansas State              1992

55M Hurdles     7.33                  Charles Armstead                Kansas State              1990

60M Dash         6.71                  Josh Norman                      Unattached                2006

60M Hurdles      7.80                 Jared MacLeod                   Kansas State               2003

200M Dash        21.57                Shomari Wilson                Univ. of Oklahoma     1999

300 Yd Dash      31.08                Tyrone Watkins                 Kansas State               1989

400M Run         46.50                Michael Blackwood            Univ. of Oklahoma     1999

600 Yd Run       1:09.65              Tyrone Watkins                Kansas State               1991

800M Run         1:50.49              Christian Smith                 Kansas State              2006

1000M Run        2:25.96             Dalibor Balgac                  Southern Methodist    2003

One Mile Run     4:06.04             Trey Harrison                    Wichita State             1989

3000M Run        8:15.35             Trey Harrison                    HCA Wesley TC        1993

1600M Relay      3:11.1 MT                                               Barton County            1989

3200M Relay      7:33.6 MT                                               Univ. of Nebraska       1992

Shot Put             62’8”               Marty Kobza                      Unattached                 1989

35 lb. Wt. Throw 69’9.50”          Witek Busse                       Unattached                1997

High Jump           7’3.50”           Darren Burton                     Unattached                 1989

Long Jump          25’0.75”          Steve Fritz                          Visa                         1993

Triple Jump         52’4.75”          Quincy Howe                      Wyoming                  2001

Pole Vault           18’5.50”          Pat Manson                         Univ. of Kansas          1989


Updated  1/08/07