K-State Player Quotes

Senior Wide Receiver Brandon Banks

On the attitude on the sideline when Kansas State was down 21-0:
"You know, we had a pretty good attitude.  We had to rally up on the sideline and we came together by cheering our team on the offensive side of the ball and defensive side of the ball to keep pushing, which we did."

On if this is the best they've played offensively all year:
"Oh yeah.  I think that's the best we've played all season.  We were moving the ball.  We made a couple mistakes and penalties, and took a couple of timeouts that we didn't want to because of the play clock, but we played real good."

On how it feels to have the best offensive game against the OU defense:
"It means a lot because our next game is against a Big 12 North team.  We're trying to stay on top of the North, so hopefully we can continue to do that and carry on next week."

On the positive things he took from this game:
"That we were capable of moving the ball anytime we want to.  I think we have a little more confidence on the offensive side of the ball and just knowing that we can put points on the board. Thirty points tonight, we're pretty excited about that."

Junior Defensive Back Darious Thomas

On the first and 45 conversion for Oklahoma:
"That would have been a major stop for us.  We just didn't come up to the best of our ability.  We had the momentum, we just didn't get the first down stop." 

On mentality of team in the lockerroom after the game:
"We hurt, but we still have to move on.  We have another game next week.  We're playing a good football team.  We're playing another good football team next week. Just got to bounce back."

On being down 21-0 at the beginning of the game:
"We didn't quit.  We were still in the game.  We knew that it was going to be a good game.  Although they came out 21-0, we hung in there."

On why Oklahoma came out ahead 21-0:
"The game was moving too fast.  We had to slow it down a little bit."

On how he felt on playing tonight:
"I knew I had to play.  I knew it was my time to get it done."