Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops Quotes

Opening Statement:
"Compliments to Kansas State. It was a well played football game on both sides. Exciting overall our play through the whole day to come back in the second half, to answer back anytime they came up and got a touchdown. Really pleased overall just with everything we have gone through offensively through the year with personnel changes and all, to answer back and to keep answering back was really special. Defensively there in the fourth quarter they came up with a few stops when we had to have them. It was a positive game that way. No turnovers for us was really great. I thought we ran the ball and that was really positive. Really excited about what Landry Jones did today again with a host of receivers that really stepped up. Ryan Broyles had a huge day and Pooh (Adron) Tennell came up with some nice catches to overcome a first and forever. Really excited about Landry and our overall execution to overcome it. Displeased with of course the penalties that put is in that position, but excited in the way we were able to overcome it when we really had to. All of that was really positive and excited about the win."

On OU's play makers during third and long all day:
"I thought the line held up and protected. Landry threw good balls. Those guys came up in open spaces and caught the ball better, and we made more competitive plays that way. It was good to see our running game be productive. I thought Chris (Brown) and DeMarco (Murray) really ran physical." 

On Ryan Broyles:
"The guy is something. He is really talented with his quickness, ability to make big plays, make people miss him right after the catch. He is a great competitor."

On his team's red zone performance:
"That was really positive to have all touchdowns. That's a big factor in the game to punch the ball in when we had our chances. I thought Kevin Wilson and our offensive coaches have done an excellent job to continually mold our offense with the changes we have had to make. Today I thought we were really sharp. We started the game in a really good way and in the second half they answered back when they had to. It was pleasing."

On Landry Jones' 14-for-14 performance in the last two scoring drives:
"The young guy has done an awesome job. He is just really poised and trusts the young guys around him. He will get better too. There are still some spots out there that he'll see, geez I could have gone a few different places. He throws a good ball and stayed in there and did a nice job with it."

On defending the downhill run game:
"They do an excellent job of using the quarterback in the run game, so right there they are outnumbering you and then changing up their fits and gaps and where they are going with the football. They caught us a few times, but overall I thought we really held up in the first half and were really strong. In the second half, they worked us a little bit but we came up with those stops in the fourth with the last couple of drives when we really had to."

On Dejuan Miller:
"Dejuan (Miller) made some really good plays and competitive plays. It appears to me that a lot of those guys are just settling in and getting more comfortable competing in those moments and making those plays they are capable of making."

On Quinton Carter:
"He had a big night. Tackling was excellent. His run fits and all, covered well and had a big interception towards the end."