K-State Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes

On what pleased you the most and message to the team:
"Not a whole lot. That we had a chance to do something that really would have been something special in their lives and we failed to do it. We didn't coach them well enough to get what we needed accomplished. "

On difference between the first and second half:
"We moved the ball a little bit better and got some points on the board. We didn't play any better defense really. We were stifled on all our kickoff returns until the second half."

On Daniel's performance:
"He played well, played hard and I was pleased about that. He threw a duck up there that we managed to catch."

On Brandon Banks:
"Brandon played well in a lot of different ways. Obviously with things that you see, he caught the ball well. You begin to expect him to do some things with kickoff returns. But I thought he went up and competed well and made some catches in coverage and went up and made some that normally a guy that is 5-foot and a half inch tall wouldn't make against a 6-foot corner but he did."

On what this says about your team:
"You have got to be proud of the fact that they didn't give up, which I am. On certain areas that we have played better and not giving up and playing better was the most important thing to us and I think we did that. You know when you do those things and take it a step at a time, a play at a time, then all of a sudden you have got a chance and you are back in the ball game. But when they have got the ball and its first and 100 and then they end up getting a first down you have got some real problems."

On what happened at the beginning of the game...was it the speed?
"We kicked the ball out-of-bounds at the beginning to the 40-yard line and the game had hardly gotten started and they've got 14 points on the board. I think they had gotten a total of 96 yards, or so, field position and then the offense was pretty poor with minus nine yards. And why, I don't know. Probably because I made them work too hard and they are tired."

On scoring on OU's defense in consecutive drives:
"Well one of those was on a kickoff return but I thought our offense did some good things. We threw the ball better and made some catches and made some plays. We had some guys that stepped up and made some plays that maybe we hadn't seen as frequently as we should have one that side of the ball."

On what you will take out of this game and with you to next week against Kansas:
"A loss is a loss. I think the fact that the youngsters did come back and made the effort and got back in the ball game, I think that's a positive. I don't know though, this is the first time I have been around them and I still don't know how they respond. I mean the Texas Tech loss you go down and get beat 1,000 to nothing and then you turn around the next week and beat a Texas A&M team pretty good and everything goes right for a couple quarters and a few minutes. So I don't know in all honesty. They ought to be upset and disappointed that they lost a ball game against no matter who it is. That was a great football team down here at Oklahoma but you ought to be disappointed you lost because that is what the competitive nature is all about. We will find out over the weekend and on Monday. If indeed that is the case then I think they will recommit themselves and try to continue to get better. And in some form or fashion, we did get a little bit better today in some areas, but not collectively. But Oklahoma had a lot to do with that."