Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Ron Prince


“Anything I say without giving Gene Chizik credit would be inappropriate. Gene is a terrific coach, and they are a very well organized team. I think we got outplayed and out-coached today.”


“Success has many fathers and failure is an orphan. We had a good gameplan coming in, we did not execute well and we did not adjust. I’m not real happy about it. If you coach a long time, you have games like this. If you’re a smart coach, you’ve got to be able to get over it, but this is going to take me a while to get over.”


“We wanted to try and keep a very good balance and we wanted to make sure we could get the yards we were able to. I told the coaches we wanted to lean on two players in the fourth quarter, James Johnson and Jordy Nelson. So, even if we lost, we knew we gave Johnson and Nelson their best chance.”


“The way the game was conducted in the second half was our gameplan coming in. We did some nice things, but not enough. I’m not looking for a silver lining. I’m not looking to pat anybody on the back. We lost and I’m not happy about it.”


“It’s very clear to have an opportunity to win the Big 12 North. It’s now pretty much out of the question. Our issues with the team we have now are a lot more important than trying to win the title at this point.”