Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins

“It parallels a little bit what we’ve done. We start a little slow and then we got a couple of plays to create some sparks. Guys were doing pretty good there, and then we needed to put offense and defense together. I think guys were starting a little bit slow. Offense was very slow, and when the offense gets going, we need help from the defense.”

“It’s probably typical of a team that’s looking for external means of confidence, reinforcement and so it’s hard during those down times because you start waiting for something to happen instead of making something to happen.”

“I think in this whole thing, you have to just try to get better. You just have to try to improve. You look at all the variables from A to Z, involving every aspect going on and you try to fix those and that’s where you pour your energies. I think we need to spend a bunch of time doing these instead of lamenting about things that you can’t change and you can’t fix. Then, you’re pouring yourself in the wrong direction.”

“You keep turning over stones and looking for something new you can throw in to cause a couple of sparks. I told the guys I’m never giving up and we’re never giving up. We’re going to play the season through, and I’ll continue to be as creative as I can to find solutions. That’s just the nature of it sometimes.”

On offensive production
“It’s hard to tell exactly. For a period of time there in the second quarter we ran about nine plays. We didn’t have a lot of opportunities and that hurts your rhythm as well.”

On defensive production
“I think this was a case of they started a little bit slower than they would’ve liked to. It’s difficult in a game and in a season. All three groups need to feed off of each other a little bit, and it’s been hard. They haven’t been complaining about a lot of offensive firepower, but you know those things are hard. They’re hard emotionally on you.”

“I don’t think Flat’ is the word. It’s not a question of flat. It’s a question of coming out and saying Can I do it?’ and I want to do it,’ versus I’m going to do it.’ Again when you have those plays where things go right, you can slip into that mode of I’m going to do it.’ It’s very typical of a team in our situation.”

On the team’s morale
“These guys have always fought. They always have. And I should give them a lot of credit. It’s having those moments when you get that extra inertia that allows you to make a tackle or to make a run to do something above and beyond. They’ve never ever given up. They never have.”

“Losing always stinks. There’s no two ways around that, but again, I’ve said this before, I’ve been in enough jump-starts where you start to understand the dynamics a little bit, and you understand how to attack that.”

“If you have a formula, if you have a plan that’s been used many times before, and you understand that plan, then you can have a lot of confidence. And I do. It never happens as fast as you want it to, but you know the things that have to exist and have to go on and again, I’ve done it and many other guys have done it.”

On the difference between tonight’s game and the Oct. 14, CU-Texas Tech game
“We had that situation where we got out early and we got to a pretty big lead, so you start having confidence. Guys are feeling good. They’re energized. The defense played well. The offense came back, rallied off of that, made some plays, and you get ahead and then you have some confidence. And then you start playing a little looser and you start playing to make plays.”

“In a game you look at that stretch and in this game here, it’s the same thing here for a little bit. Guys start getting a little more energy and they start making plays, and they get a little more confidence.”

On ILB Thaddaeus Washington, whose two front teeth were cracked
“It took our docs a little while to work on him and get him going. Then he could go back out.”

“Toughness is a huge component of life and football. Any time you have somebody that’s dinged, and they’re able to work through that, I think it provides a tremendous amount of inspiration to the rest of the guys. I totally believe in many cases you aren’t as hurt as you think you are. I had a quarterback who played with a broken leg once, a knowing broken leg, a week after he broke it and I’ve had guys play with dislocated shoulders.”

“There’s a lot you can do with the human mind when you will it to do that.