Kansas State Player Quotes

Junior Guard Shalin Spani

On getting the offense going...
"I feel like we had a good couple of penetrations. Kari [Kincaid] hit me on a couple of good penetrations, but overall we were just trying to find soft spots in their zone or man defenses. Overall, they did a very good job on defense. Obviously, all credit goes to them."

Senior Forward Ashley Sweat

On Indiana State's defensive pressure...
"Like Shalin said, all credit goes to them. On the defensive end, they were very solid. I think a lot of that has to do with us being sort of lazy on the offensive end and not being aggressive. Even if they do run a zone, there are ways to beat the zone. The fact of the matter is that we did not execute and find the spots. When we did find the spots, it was like we over-dribbled and had so many mistakes culminating in just a poor offensive execution, especially in the first half."

On the performance of Kelsey Luna..
"I remember playing against her in AAU a long time ago and anytime that you can remember somebody from six to eight years ago, you know they are a good player. We knew coming in that she would have talent and when you see the scouting report, you know she can do a lot of things. She is the heart of their team. She came out and showed that she could lead them emotionally and obviously, with 37 points that is an incredible offensive performance."