Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Ron Prince

Opening statement...

“Losing a game is no excuse for being a jerk and I want to make sure that I don’t ever do that. I want to give Missouri credit. I thought a year ago, we had an opportunity to play three teams that legitimately had a chance at the National Championship Louisville, Rutgers and Texas. I clearly feel after today, that we played a team that has a legitimate chance from a talent standpoint, an organizational standpoint to win the National Championship.

“With that said, we made mistakes physical mistakes, youthful mistakes at times, mistakes of being a little bit cautious. We have to be very aggressive and we have to play real well, have to create a lot of momentum and make some plays to beat a team like this team.


“If you would have told me before the game that we would have a chance to hold Missouri to less than 50 percent on third down and have a real balance in the time of possession, I would have felt pretty good about our opportunities. Unfortunately, the mistakes that we did have were really critical.


“I want to thank all the fans for their support this year, today in particular. I thought the attendance was terrific. I thought they were very much behind us and waiting for us to perform in such a way to make this the kind of environment that we know it is, it can be very difficult. We just didn’t do enough to validate them today. They’ve been terrific all year. We’re going to go on the road for one last game. We have a chance to win it, we have a chance to play on. If we can do that, then we’d like to reward our fans with an opportunity to play in the postseason.


“It was very disappointing, this loss today. The way that the third quarter transpired with some mistakes by our most veteran players that really hurt us, I was very disappointed for them. I was confident that they would be able to play and make these plays that they were in a position to make, but Missouri made theirs. They’re a terrific team. I was really disappointed with the fact that we couldn’t protect our quarterback better. He wasn’t able to have the kind of day that we would have liked, he wanted to have, we needed him to have. We had an effort by James Johnson (and it was really unfortunate that we lost the game) because that’s the kind of effort you’d like to see validated by winning the game.


“We did some nice things today, but against a great time like this you can’t do a couple nice things. You’ve got to do a lot of things right. That’s my responsibility as a coach and we’ve got to get it done. I take the blame for that. I really liked how the players bounced back in practice this week. I liked how they responded and came out and played the game even though the game was about as ugly of a game in the first half as you could ever imagine. They kept scrapping and fighting and I was really proud of that effort. We blocked a punt in response to a return so we started to show some of that grit and battle in there. Down the stretch it’s the same in every game when you watch these guys on tape. Teams hang with them, hang with them, hang with them, then what happened to us has happened to previous opponents.


“This is a terrific team. Coach (Gary) Pinkel has done a great job. He’s got my vote for coach of the year for sure. I don’t think anyone can question the type of team he’s put together. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and how he does things and his coaching staff and the team that they have. At the same time, I thought we could come out here today and stand toe-to-toe with them and win the game. We did not do that, my hat is off to them. This is clearly the best team that we’ve played so far this year. That’s a team that we aspire to have and then defeat someday.”