Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Ron Prince
On the game:
“Obviously too much (Jon) Cornish. (Cornish) is a terrific runner, we knew that coming in. We knew we were going to have to control the ball and do some things so that they couldn’t work us over with (Cornish). Not only did we not do that, we did all the things that magnify his ability and gave him extra possession after extra possession on turnovers. Most of our issues were self-inflicted. Those are the things you can’t do if you want to be a successful team.”

On Josh Freeman:
“The people around him (quarterback Josh Freeman) need to play well and that didn’t happen. We were a little out of sync and a little bit out of rhythm. Some of the plays that were very negative for us there was a variety of factors that played into that. When you’re the quarterback you’re the person that everyone’s looking towards and those of us who are on the coaching side understand what happened on those plays. I’m the one that did a poor job, not him. He’s a freshman quarterback who has been unbelievable for us this year. Everything he’s done has been a real blessing for sure.”

On Kansas State’s mindset:
“I thought that it was a very physical game, but they all are at this time of the year. Everybody has these types of circumstances that they’re working through. This is part of being able to win a championship and trying to prep our team for this type of run in the future that we’re going to have to be able to play this way down the stretch. I thought we had good practices, obviously we walked into a team here that is very well coached and had a very good plan.”

Freshman Quarterback Josh Freeman
On the loss:
“We will be fine.  Tonight and tomorrow will be the heaviest days, but after that, it will be a pretty normal week.”

On Leon Patton:
“Leon played a good game. He is pretty consistent.  He has a pretty good game every week.  I expect that out of Leon, and he showed up.”

On the remainder of the season:
“We lost, and all that matters is what we just did.  The season is not over, but you don’t go out and lay down like we did.  Even if we have a bowl game locked up, you still want to win, and we didn’t get that done.”

On playing the week following the win over Texas:
“After you win, you have to follow it up.  You are going to have to win every week to get into the top-25 and to get where we are trying to go.”

Senior Linebacker Brandon Archer
On Jon Cornish:
“He is a great running back, and we knew that coming into the game. He got his yards, and we had a few missed tackles.  He is a great running back the best in the Big 12.”

On the loss:
“The main thing right now is that we have to review and evaluate ourselves.  It wasn’t a great effort on our part offensively or defensively, but we just have to move on.”