Kansas Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Mark Mangino
On the game:
“It is not about me, it is about our players and what it means to them.  It tells a story that if you keep at it, be persistent, keep your head up at tough times, look towards your coaches for support and believe in what you are doing, good things will happen.  That is exactly what happened to this team. They believed in themselves, and they believed in each other.  It is a good win for our kids.  I am really happy for them.  It was a great crowd today - a lot of excitement.”

On Kansas’ Defense:
“Tremendous effort.  Our pass defense continues to get better week-in and week-out.  They are getting more confident.  I told our players that if they stopped the run and we run the football, that we would win the game today.  We played the run very well and forced Kansas State to throw a lot, and our kids were well prepared.”

On becoming Bowl-eligible:
“Our kids can celebrate tonight’s game, but tomorrow, we have a game called the Border Showdown (to prepare for), and that is all we are going to talk about.  We are going to play our rival next Saturday, and we are going to get ready to do that.”

Senior Center David Ochoa
On Kansas’ turnaround:
“It’s a credit to our players and our coaches because we are a resilient group of guys. There’s no one who works harder than we do in the summer or during the season; that translates into wins, and nothing really gets us down.”

Freshman Quarterback Kerry Meier
On turnovers:
“Turnovers will kill you, but luckily our defense hung in there, stayed positive and were able to make some plays. I thank them, and I hope they continue to do that during the next few weeks.”

Senior Running Back Jon Cornish
On senior day:
“Winning against Kansas State, at home, on senior day probably ranks as my favorite victory.”

Sophomore cornerback Aqib Talib
On Kansas State’s six turnovers:
“That was probably the best our defense played all season.  We were really motivated tonight playing in a rivalry game and we were just trying to fly around and make plays. 

On the defensive gameplan:
“We had a real good gameplan on what they tried to do.  They try to keep things simple in regard to the plays they run.  We seemed to have a plan for every formation they threw at us.