Head Coach Quotes

November 23, 2008

UT San Antonio at Kansas State

Head Coach Quotes


Head Coach Deb Patterson


Opening Statement

“I think tonight we took big steps forward in regards to how we want to complete the game on both ends of the floor. I was pleased with our ball distribution. I thought we played a solid game tonight, there are elements where we need to continue to get better, but I thought we were able to establish a rhythm even though we went all the way through our bench. We were able to play quality basketball on both ends of the floor, so it was a big step up for us tonight against San Antonio, against a very good basketball team, a team that won over twenty games last season. Gibbs is a big time talent and player very tough to defend off the dribble, great long three range, very strong, and I think that is the type of player we could line up against night after night in the Big 12. It was a good challenge and I think we answered the challenge tonight.”


On the slow start...

“I really was not too concerned early. For our basketball team, it was more about the patience and giving ourselves an opportunity to establish rhythm. I’m not at all displeased with those first few minutes of the game. I think it’s just the nature of us coming off games where we faced a lot of zone defense, feeling out our opponent, not necessarily having a lot of time to scout our opponent because we put a whole lot of preparation into us being better last week. A lot of our time was preoccupied with us, and I wanted to give our team a chance to adjust and we saw that they were able to.”


On the bench play...

“I was really pleased with the way they elevated the speed and the physical nature of the game tonight. They are very young in their career and very young every day they step on the floor. I thought Brandy (Branshea Brown) did a great job on the boards, Jalana established that she was going to play a little faster overall, wanted some touches and with more aggression than she has in game time minutes, so those were great positive minutes, and I was very, very impressed with the rebounding effort of Brandy tonight.”   


On the emotions of the pregame ceremony...

“Just seeing Shana (Wheeler), Carolyn (McCullough) and Kimberly (Dietz) back in our locker room before the game, I just got real emotional and I really could have cried, but I didn’t want to because we were about to play the game, so I waited until it was time for the rings. I just feel such an unbelievable lifelong appreciation and sense of respect and admiration for everyone that competed on that Big 12 Championship team last year because they are such amazing people individually and they gave so much.”