Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes

Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes

Opening statement...

“Thank you Jon (Wefald), thank you Bob (Krause). I’m going to try to be as brief as I possibly can. I would suggest that all of you from the media some that are the same faces I saw 18 to 20 years ago just go back and refer to your notes. I think you can knock this out rather quickly. Nothing has changed as far as I’m concerned, except maybe it’s a little bit different environment than it was 20 years ago. You’re going to ask a lot of questions; I am quite certain about that.


“You probably want to know why in the devil I want to coach again. There are probably a number of things that I want to say, but I’m not going to be able to say all of them today. I will at some point and time get to (the questions) with you, the media. I appreciate everyone that is here. I appreciate the media. Now we have to reinvent our relationship again. I thought it was getting pretty good there for a while, but now it’s going to go south real quick. I appreciate, on short notice, everyone else that is here. There are some absolutely dear, dear friends. I see Joan (Friederich) back there. I got to call Joan and talk with her last night after I made this decision. I got to talk to Ernie and Bonnie (Barrett) after I made the decision. They are important to me.


“One of the questions, I am certain, will be when did all this come about, when did I make the decision. Well, you printed it, unfortunately, before I made the decision. That’s the absolute truth and that’s really sad, and it hadn’t ought to be that way, but it is. I’m going to tell you two instances. I made a call last night to family, children, grandchildren, to some dear friends and a lot of dear friends I could get to. I made a call to a dear friend to tell them I wanted them to understand they were important to me. I wanted them to hear it from me before they heard it in the newspaper. They had already read it. My grandson, one of my grandsons, gave me a call and said, You know it is on the internet.’ My son brought me the internet statement and this was before it had actually happened. There were so many people I didn’t get a chance to tell before it happened. That’s sad. In my way of thinking, it is disrespectful, truly so.


“Now, this is supposed to be a positive thing, and I want it to be a positive thing. I just want you to understand how I felt because we are talking about the Kansas State way. Kansas State people are unique. The university is unique and every university in the country will say their university is unique, and that may very well be true, but I know Kansas State University is. I know the people of Kansas State are truly special and the people of Kansas State are a different type, perhaps, than you might find on the east coast or west coast. We all know this to be a blue collar, lunch pale environment. That is all I know being a mid-westerner and it allowed me to fit into this kind of environment. I don’t want us to grow out of this particular environment, and that will be part of my charge. I would hope that I can settle the waters.


“I think K-Staters, to a degree, are in a state of flux. The important thing is to be able to smooth those waters and draw the K-State family back into a true family. There is a name on the stadium over here, and I was so honored and humbled that a group of people would consider putting that name up there. I said to Tim Weiser, and you have heard this story, I said Tim, if you are going to do that then you need to add the word family to it.’ My first thought is my family that is here and unfortunately those that couldn’t be here because they have been so special in my life, and they suffer when I do these things, when I get involved in this silly game of football. I’m not going to let that happen again.


“That’s why that was there, but there was a second connotation, it ought to say family with a little uppercase two. It says the K-State family, the alumni, the fans, our administration, central administration, the athletic administration, the athletic staff, coaches, players, students at this university, the staff in Vanier Complex and all the people that generally care about Kansas State University. It’s those 13,000 people that were in the stands in 1987 and 1988 when they couldn’t buy a win. They were there because they cared. It was so significant to them, so very significant. It is just that special environment.


“In the process, in trying to decide whether I would do this, that was first and foremost. Some would say, Well, you’ve got to want to do it.’ I don’t know whether there was any doubt about whether I wanted to do it. What was important to me was how did my family feel, how did this family feel and how did the rest of the family feel. I went to every individual in my family. I didn’t want to make that mistake again because I made that mistake three years ago. I thought I was doing right by my family. So I made the decision unilaterally. Then I found out from my family that I made the wrong decision, so I didn’t want to make that mistake again. I went to each and every one of them and I shared with them and asked them how they felt about it. Then I let them have some time to allow that to digest, so then I could ask the question again, to get more feedback from them, to see if there was any change. They were amazing. They wanted me to do what I wanted to do.


“Sean (Snyder) would probably serve as a spokesman for the family, for the children anyway. All of them were unique in their response. What Sean said to me was something I will never forget. He said, Dad, if you choose to do this, I will be ecstatic. If you choose not to do this, I will be ecstatic.’ That is the way each and every one of the children were. That’s the way Sharon was. She said, If you want to do this, we are with you 100-percent and we would love for you to do it. If you choose not to, we love you and we are with you 100-percent.’


“I just got a message from my daughter, Meredith, and we were going to try to get Meredith up here. If I decided to do this, I wanted her to be here. The other four children are here, but Meredith is sick and couldn’t come. It really saddened her. I got an email before I came into the building. It was a heart-warming memo. Most of you know about Meredith, and what her plight has been in life. She talked in this text about giving her inspiration and about how proud she was and how happy she was. She concluded by saying, And yes, I’m in tears,’ which is quite frequent with Meredith. She has been my inspiration and she has been part of the inspiration for me, being involved with this again.


“That indeed was the reasoning behind it. I had to feel that I really wanted to do it and that I would be able to make to kind of commitment I had made in the past and I’m comfortable with that. I do know that I have learned some lessons and there are some things that I will do that will encompass my family to a greater degree. It wasn’t as if they were completely neglected, they don’t look like neglected children and grandchildren to me. I’ve seen more baseball game in the last three years. Casey Stengel couldn’t hold a candle to the number of games I have seen. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I’ve enjoyed my family. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I am going to continue to do exactly that and do what we can to put the K-State family together again in such a way that they are comfortable.


“We can get back to the K-State way and that is no reflection on anything that has taken place here in the last three years. Ron Prince is a good, good, good man, and I feel badly for Ron Prince. I feel badly for his family. I feel badly for his staff. I feel badly for their families and I am saddened because he is a good person. A lot of people didn’t want to draw that conclusion, but he is a good genuine person and he cared about the program, and he cared about the young guys that were in the program.


“I’m no different than that. I’m going to care about young people, I always have. I’ve had the opportunity in the last three years to stay involved with young people in little different capacity. That’s important to me. Those of you that are in the media are going to have to put up with this. I am going to use this platform that I now have to promote some things that are really important to me and have become important to me, and have always been important to me, but more so over the last three years because I have gotten involved with them. You are going to have to endure every press conference that we are going to start out with something along the lines of Kansas Mentors. We are going to talk about the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita, Kan. We are going to talk about the Kansas Hall of Fame, which is about to be lost in the state of Kansas because it doesn’t have funding. We are going to talk about the new equestrian center that we are trying to raise funds for here at Kansas State University, so our equestrian team, which is a nationally renowned equestrian team and my daughter happens to be the captain of, or one of the captains of. Those things are important to me and you are going to have to bear with me. If you want to miss that then you can miss the first five minutes of every press conference we have from now on.”