Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening thoughts...

“From our point of view tonight, it was really important that we had good ball distribution and I thought we rebounded the ball at a very high level. Defensively, I thought we did a nice job. Mississippi Valley State obviously had a lot of trouble making shots tonight, but I do feel like we overall did a nice job contesting and being in a good, solid, sound, fundamental position. It was an overall good effort by our basketball team, an opportunity for everyone to get some quality minutes and for us to get more comfortable as a unit with our roles and individual responsibilities every possession up the floor.


“I think what I particularly liked was that we were able to maintain quality competitive focus overall on the night. I thought we brought good discipline. This would have been a very easy game to get raggedy and to try and force things that are a little out of character, to want the game to be easier. We know what we were making a priority this week and I like the maturity that our team brought to stay disciplined, understanding that as we play a higher caliber opponent the fundamental aspects of what we brought to the floor are going to carry over. I like that we didn’t get careless. Individually when you look at our turnover numbers I thought players managed their turnovers very well and that was important for our progress.”


On the performance by the post players...

“We just had great presence by our post players tonight. We had a size advantage when Shana (Wheeler) and Ashley (Sweat) were in the game certainly, and I think that Marlies (Gipson) has always stepped up big and always has a knack for playing bigger than she is because she’s such an effective, versatile scorer. I really liked the aggressiveness of Ashley and Shana. I thought they really committed to what they had worked so hard on the past three or four days in practice. For young players and a player coming back off an injury like Shana, that’s a great positive to bring that kind of finishing power but also attention to wanting to be a big target for our basketball team. We’re going to need them. We’re really going to need them as we head down the stretch in our non-conference and as we move into conference play.”