Opponent Quotes

Coach Bobby Collins

On the performance of Michael Beasley...

“When he’s hitting the three’s like that along with everything else he can’t be stopped.  I told him I look forward to seeing him at the next level.  I hated to be on this end tonight, but it was almost kind of enjoyable to watch how he does it.  I’ve seen him do it on TV and I just didn’t understand how he was getting those thirty points and twenty rebounds every night.  He has a good supporting cast around him and his players understand how to get him the basketball in certain areas.”


Sophomore Guard Brian Fisher

On his overall thoughts of the game...

“They’re a good team and they’ve got some real good talent on their team.  They came out and executed, rebounded offensively and they put points up.” 


On Beasley’s performance

“He’s a real good player.  He’s going in the top one, two, or three in the draft and there is nothing you can do.  You just try and do the best you can to stop him.


On improvements for South Florida...

We just have to keep working hard in practice and try to execute.  Coach Collins has a real good offense and game plan.  We’ve got to stick to it every game and listen to what the coaches have to say.  We have to play hard.”