SE: Wishing, Gifting and Memories with the Wildcats

Dec. 25, 2011

By Mark Janssen
K-State Sports Extra

Here is a look at what some Wildcats have on their wish lists this year, have received on their wish lists in the past and have given to others off of their wish lists.

The neatest gift I ever received was a puppy. – Heidi Brown, basketball

The neatest gift I ever gave was a remote controlled car to my mom. She ‘really’ wanted one. – Chantay Caron.

The neatest gift I ever received was a pair of beautiful emerald and diamond earrings from my grandma. They were beautiful, but even more important is that they’ve now been passed down through five generations and now I have them. – Kelly Bovaird, equestrian

My list includes a Mac computer, money, new clothes, gas gift card and a plane ticket to go see my best friend in Pittsburgh. The best gift I ever received was a plane ticket stuck to the bottom of a toy plane so I could visit a friend when I was in high school. – Katya Leick, basketball

On my Christmas list are new brakes for my vehicle and new ball joints for my vehicle. – Jalana Childs, basketball

The neatest gift I ever received was when I was in the first grade and my grandparents gave me a custom made two-story Victorian-style dollhouse. My grandfather built it from scratch (no kit for him) and my grandmother decorated. It became even more special when both passed away and it was one of the few things that still connects me to them. I can’t wait to pass it on to my children. – Casey Finnell, assistant equestrian coach

The neatest gift I ever received were handmade spurs and straps. – Casie Lisabeth, equestrian coach

Many women take receiving cooking and cleaning items as a bad sign, but I’m asking for all kinds of kitchen gadgets that make cooking easier. And, you never appreciate a new vacuum until you’ve had a bad one. – Tara Hallan, assistant equestrian coach

The neatest gift I receive is on Christmas morning. Our family tradition is to open gifts on Christmas Eve from all the family members, and then on Christmas morning Santa brings us our one big gift. It’s still the best feeling ever! – Emma Ostermann, basketball

The neatest gift I have ever given will be this year, but I can’t tell. It would spoil the surprise. – JuliAnne Chisholm, basketball

I want more purple clothing. I’m so proud to go home wearing the purple. Because the Kansas weather is so bipolar, I need a variety of purple clothing. – Kelly Bovaird, equestrian

All three of my sisters and my brother each wrote a fairly long letter to mom showing how much we appreciate everything she does. We put it together in a little book. My mom was balling after each letter was read. It wasn’t a material gift, which I think meant even more to her. – Rachel Webster, equestrian

Topping my list are some new Dr. Dre Beats headphones, a pair of boots and a pedicure for my poor feet. – Chantay Caron, basketball

The neatest give I ever gave was a jar of sand to one of my friends who had never been to the beach before. She cried when I gave it to her. – Jalana Childs, basketball

The neatest gift I’ve received is having five days that Coach P has given us to spend Christmas with our families. – Tasha Dickey, basketball

The neatest gift I ever gave was after I had been in college and I wrote my mom a poem explaining how she didn’t need to worry about me because she had done such a great job raising me. I told her I hadn’t gone anywhere because she would always remain close to my heart. Tears streamed as she read it. I had touched her. – Tara Hallan, equestrian

As I get older, my Christmas list gets smaller and smaller. I am getting married next summer so I’m waiting for my parents to spoil me then. – Casie Lisabeth, equestrian coach

The coolest gift I’ve ever received was a big mirror that I used to practice my ballet and Pointe techniques in my room. I loved it! – JuliAnne Chisholm, basketball

The neatest gift I ever gave was a Bluetooth earpiece to my mother. She blamed me for losing her other one (which I didn’t), so I bought her a new one so she can’t blame me anymore. – Mariah White, basketball

One of our family traditions was adopting a family and giving gifts to them. I love giving gifts in general, and it means even more when it’s going to someone who truly needs it. – Casey Finnel, assistant equestrian coach

From the ages of 5 to 11 I was a competitive gymnast and my parents had a balance beam in the middle of the living room. I’ll never forget it. – Rachel Webster, equestrian

The neatest gift I’ve ever given was when my brother and I gave my mother a necklace with our birth stones on it. Needless to say it warmed her heart. – Emma Ostermann, basketball

My neatest Christmas gift was a custom handmade pair of boots and spurs. – Alayna Warner, equestrian

My coolest gift was my purple Beats (headphones). No one else in high school had them, so I felt cool. – Haley Texada, basketball

My neatest gift ever was a quilt made by grandma. It’s amazing. – Brittany Chambers, basketball

On my list are clothes. All I wear is Nike gear and K-State issued gear. It’s great, but I now need more professional clothes since I’m getting farther into my studies and will have job interviews. – Rachel Webster, equestrian

All I want for Christmas is to enjoy my family, laugh and love. – Brandy Brown, basketball

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