What They're Saying About Mike Dibbini

Dr. Phillip P. Kerstetter, Mount Olive College President and former Kansas Wesleyan President

"I am so pleased to hear about Mike's appointment as the inaugural women's soccer coach at Kansas State University. He did an outstanding job for us at Kansas Wesleyan. I think this is a choice that will be instrumental in moving the women's soccer program at K-State incredibly forward and incredibly fast."

Matt Williams, former Kansas Wesleyan Athletics Director
"Mike is a great guy and he has the ability to come in and build a program. He was very responsible and very respected in the community. He never complained and is a very hard working young man. He recruited very good student-athletes that fit our institution. He was very respected by all of our coaches and the players consider him as a father figure and a very good person of character. I am glad that he has this opportunity. I always thought he could be a successful Division I coach and know he wanted to come back to Kansas; his wife is from Kansas, and he will be a good fit for K-State."

Gabe Romo, former player and Associate Head Coach at Kansas Wesleyan, current Head Women's Coach at Holy Names University
"Mike is my mentor. I played for him and I coached with him. He is the reason why I am where I am today in my coaching career. He is a great coach but more importantly he is a great person. Kansas State got a very strong coach who is a good leader and very underrated. Everyone that knows him personally, knows what he can do and knows that he'll get the job done. I couldn't be more excited for him and his family. K-State got an excellent recruiter and an excellent human being. His work ethic is very high. He cares about his school. He cares about his players. He cares about the whole department. He will make sure he is a good representative of Kansas State Athletics."

Kathleen Benton, former player at Kansas Wesleyan from 2007-08

"I am a California kid originally and as Mike Dibbini recruited me, I went out there (on a visit) and signed before I left. It was amazing to see the kind of environment he created. It was a culture of success on and off the field. The coaching staff was phenomenal. Anywhere he is going to end up or go, obviously at K-State now, it is going to be magic. The guy just knows himself and he knows the demographic he is in. He is so adaptable to any situation he is in. He thrives on this kind of situation, especially with an inaugural program. I can't wait to see what he does, and creating a culture of family and success and a sense of belonging is something, especially in women's soccer, that's so vital to success and chemistry. I am very happy for him. He is a big family guy. He deserves everything because he has worked hard for this. As a former player and assistant coach, I am extremely happy for him."

Brian Swanson, Director of Athletics at Cal Poly Pomona
"Mike Dibbini has been an outstanding coach and a great mentor for our female student-athletes. He has been an outstanding community member and he also takes great pride in the academic success of student-athletes. Although we are sorry to see him leave, Kansas State is getting an outstanding coach and person, and we wish him well. He will do an outstanding job with Kansas State Athletics."

Stephanie Duke, Associate Athletic Director and Senior Women's Administrator at Cal Poly Pomona
"Kansas State is getting a proven winner in Coach Dibbini. He is committed to building a positive culture within his team, the student-athlete experience, high achievement in the classroom, and fully supporting his colleagues and other student-athletes. He will be a great fit for K-State and the local community."