SE: New Year's Resolution Time for Wildcats

Dec. 31, 2011

By Mark Janssen
K-State Sports Extra

Simple question to the Wildcat student-athletes: What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Here’s how members of the women’s basketball team and women’s equestrian team responded.

Tara Hallan, assistant equestrian coach: My new year's resolution is to increase my saving and limit my spending. I believe the show “Extreme Couponing” must have triggered this resolution. Those people are talented at what they do!

Heidi Brown, women’s basketball: To live each day as if it’s my last and to get better and improve myself every day in practice.

Kelly Bovaird, equestrian: I have many things that need improvement, but one of my New Year's resolutions is to go out and get a job so that I can learn to be more responsible and start fending for myself in preparation for when I go out into the big world without the help of my parents.

Brandy Brown, women’s basketball: To continue to grow into a respected young black woman.

Jalana Childs, women’s basketball: To spend more time with family and friends.

Rachel Webster, equestrian: To donate to charities and volunteer my services to the community. I feel this is something that means a great deal to me and I really want to offer my assistance or services that are in need of it.

Haley Texada, women’s basketball: To spend more time with family and friends.

Casey Finnell, assistant equestrian coach: To be more daring in all aspects of my life.  This includes trying more new things across the board from cooking (and eating!) new things, to bolder traveling adventures (I've always wanted to go to Europe and am going to try and make that happen), to even being more out there as a coach. My goal is to stretch myself even more as a coach, which will hopefully result in getting even more out of our horses and riders.

Tasha Dickey, women’s basketball: To keep fighting for the Lord. I want to love and appreciate my family and thank God every day that I am able to wake up and spend time with them.

Alayna Warner, equestrian: To get the grades I need to graduate with honors.

Emma Ostermann, women’s basketball: To definitely eat a little healthier. I need to stop eating cookies and brownies for breakfast.

Brittany Chambers, women’s basketball: Eat healthier.

Casie Lisabeth, equestrian coach: To be more ambitious in my time off from work. I want to use that time to travel, get fit, and not just recoup for the next event!

Mariah White, women’s basketball: To manage my money better.

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