How Well do You Know Your Wildcat Bowl History?

It was in the late-1970s that Kansas State sports information director Glen Stone entered his media guide in a national contest, but was quickly eliminated from any awards. The judges pointed out that he had forgotten to include a postseason bowl section.
The thing is, at that time K-State had no bowl history to include in the guide. Yup, as you know, the first bowl game of the Wildcats wasn't until Jim Dickey's club went to the Independence Bowl in 1982 ... and now 16 others - 15 with coach Bill Snyder and one with Ron Prince - have followed.
Heading into this 2013 Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl versus Michigan on Dec. 28, just how well do you think you know what K-State's bowl history is all about?
The answers are below, but no peeking.  Santa's watching!
Here's a 10-question test.
1)     In order, name the previous 16 bowl games K-State has attended prior to this year.  (1 point for every right answer ... 25 points if you get them all ... in order)
2)     Name the multiple-time "starting" quarterbacks in bowl games. (Hint: There are five).   (5 points for each correct answer)
3)     K-State scored one touchdown against Boston College in the 1994 Aloha Bowl. Who scored the TD and how was it scored.   (10 points for each correct answer)
4)     Who was the first Wildcat to score points in a bowl game?   (15 points)
5)     Who was the first Wildcat to score a touchdown in a bowl game?   (15 points)
6)     What K-State quarterback or running back rushed for the most career TDs in Wildcat bowl games?   (15 points)
7)     When Brian Kavanagh passed for four TDs in the 1995 Holiday Bowl, who were the receivers; in the 1997 Fiesta Bowl against Syracuse, who were the receivers for Michael Bishop's four TDS?   (Hint: three of Bishop's TDs were to one player ... 5 points per correct answer)
8)     Name the only defensive player to have scored a Wildcat bowl touchdown. (Does not include special teams.)   (15 points)
9)     Who are the only Wildcats to score (not pass for, but score) touchdowns in more than one bowl game? (Hint: there are four)  (5 points per correct answer)
10)     What is K-State's bowl record for the 16 bowl games?   (20 points)
200-150 - A true Powercat
149-100 - A faithful Wildcat
99-50 - You tried hard, I'm sure
49-0 - Hmmm ... new to the Wildcat Nation
1)     1982 - Independence Bowl; 1993 Copper Bowl; 1994 - Aloha Bowl; 1995 - Holiday Bowl; 1996 (season) - Cotton Bowl; 1997 - Fiesta Bowl; 1998 - Alamo Bowl; 1999 - Holiday Bowl; 2000 (season) - Cotton Bowl; 2001 - Bowl; 2002 - Holiday Bowl; 2003 (season) Fiesta Bowl; 2006 - Texas Bowl; 2010 - Pinstripe Bowl; 2011 (season) -Cotton Bowl;  2012 (season) - Fiesta Bowl.
2)     Chad May in Copper and Aloha; Michael Bishop in Fiesta and Alamo; Jonathan Beasley in Holiday and Cotton; Ell Roberson and Holiday; and, Collin Klein in Cotton and Fiesta.  Note: In the 1995 Holiday Bowl, Brian Kavanagh starred in the game, but was subbing for the injured Matt Miller; and, Ell Roberson, if you remember, did not start the 2003 Fiesta Bowl against Ohio State.
3)     Chris Sublette recovered a blocked punt by Jeff Beckley in the end zone.
4)     In the Independence Bowl, Steve Willis toed a 29-yard field goal for a 3-0 lead over Wisconsin, but the 'Cats would not score again in a 14-3 loss.
5)     J.J. Smith put the 'Cats ahead of Wyoming in the first quarter of the Copper Bowl on a 2-yard run.
6)     Ell Roberson had five. Others high on the list are Jonathan Beasley with four, while Darren Sproles and Daniel Thomas each had three. Collin Klein and Michael Bishop, you ask? Klein rushed for two and Bishop rushed for just one bowl TD
7)     Kavanagh threw passes to Brian Lojka, Tyson Schweiger, Kevin Lockett and Mitch Running; Bishop threw passes to Darnell McDonald (3) and one to Justin Swift.
8)     Kenny McEntyre, interception, Copper Bowl.
9)     Collin Klein, Ell Roberson, Darren Sproles and Jonathan Beasley.
10)     K-State's bowl record is just 6-10.