SE: K-State Athletics Launches New Digital Platform

July 1, 2015

By Kelly McHugh

Whether you’re checking it out on your computer, smart phone or tablet, you’ll be in for a surprise when you take a visit to the new

K-State Athletics has partnered with SportsLabs – one of the nation’s leading sports technology providers – and launched the new digital platform today. 

“We’re very excited to launch the new,” said Kenny Lannou, Assistant Athletics Director of Communications. “Our priority with this new site and with our new partnership with SportsLabs is continuing to tell the K-State Athletics story through a full, responsive site for our fans; everything will be compatible to any device.”

The new website will continue to provide Wildcat fans with access to everything they need to know about their favorite Wildcat teams while, according to K-State Athletics, utilizing the “latest internet technology to provide a seamless, robust experience for fans.”

Led by 2000 K-State alum Dave Smoller, it has taken months of collaboration and hard work to prepare this new website and its applications. Smoller, K-State’s Director of Internet Services, has been working with K-State Athletics since 2004 and has been the mastermind behind the new and improved website and its design.

“From a design and visual appealing standpoint, Dave is one of the best in his field, and he had a major role in designing the site,” said Lannou. “One thing that I hope our fans can appreciate is, just like a lot of things that we do at K-State, where a lot of schools outsource and rely solely on other people, we take pride in producing projects in-house. Certainly this website is another example where we were able to do that.”

Created by a K-Stater with K-State in mind, Smoller wanted to make sure, first and foremost, the new website would provide an even more beneficial tool for K-Staters to use.

According to Smoller, there were three main things he set out to improve with the new site:

“The first was making sure that’s it’s a seamless experience, no matter what device you’re using to see it,” he explained. “The way people use the web now, it’s predominantly not on a desktop computer anymore, it’s on a phone or a tablet. We wanted to make sure no matter how you chose to get to our site it worked for you.

“The second thing was that we wanted a better-performing video platform,” he continued. “We wanted it to be more stable, with a better player, better quality, that’s easier to use and to manage; and we’re going to have that. For K-StateHD.TV users, they’ll notice a big improvement with both live and on-demand video.

“Then, the third thing was to do some creative things with it to create a better user experience. An example of that is the new schedule tool where, instead of just listing a result, the schedule now acts as a hub for everything. You can see recaps, photos, highlights, stats, all that and more in one place. I think that’s going to be a very useful tool.”

As a matter of fact, Smoller said the new schedule tool is his favorite part of the new website.

“I think it’s such a cool way to show games in progress,” Smoller explained. “It treats each game as a hub with all the content related to it. With a lot of college sites, you kind of have to go find all the pieces and they might all be scattered, but with this schedule tool, it is a really neat way of centralizing all that information. I think it’ll be useful.”

Along with the schedule tool, there are many new and improved features on the website for fans to look forward to. To help better learn how to navigate the website, K-State Athletics plans on providing fans with video tutorials in the upcoming weeks.

“It is going to be different than what we have had, so I would encourage people to look around and get comfortable with it,” said Smoller. “A lot of things are going to be in different places, called different things and operated differently, so there is going to be a learning curve, but we’re going to try and help with that with some videos and tutorials coming soon.”

With the launch of its new digital platform today, became easier to navigate than ever before. Created with the fan in mind, Smoller said he looks forward to hearing the thoughts and opinions on the new site from K-Staters worldwide.

“We always welcome feedback, suggestions, and there’s a contact page on the site that’s easy to find,” concluded Smoller. “My main goal through all of this has been that it’s user first. The whole point of this new website is to make it easier for the user. It’s ultimately their website, so if there are any suggestions we’d love to hear them.” 


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