K-State Enjoys a Day with the Media

The team arrived in Phoenix on Monday afternoon for its week of preparation before this weekend's Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, and since then its schedule has been filled with meetings, practices and events.
Yesterday morning approximately 30 Wildcats met up at the Camelback Inn and Resort in Scottsdale for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Media Day.
Cameras, recorders, notebooks and pens showed up in full force as media outlets from around the nation filled the room. 
"It's a cool experience," wide receiver Tramaine Thompson said as leaned forward on his table. "Just the fact that a lot of us haven't done this before, coming somewhere where you have your name on the table and you've got people talking to you every five seconds, its just a new experience and something that a lot of people have never done and probably won't get to do again. I enjoy it."
Reporters came equipped with questions of all types for the Wildcats. Excited to be back in action after spending the past few weeks off the field, safety Ty Zimmerman was glad to get back in the spotlight.
"It's neat getting to meet all the different media guys," said Zimmerman. "They ask a lot of questions about everything - the week, the opponent - a lot of things I'm used to talking about. I haven't really been able to talk to them for a while, so it's good to get back out here and answer some questions."
With K-State's two-quarterback system this year constantly a main point of conversation, Daniel Sams faced his share of questions yesterday as well.
"It's a good feeling," Sams said. "It just feels good to be a part of this with my teammates. Last year I was one of those guys on the outside looking in, so now I'm blessed to have this opportunity."
Though the team saw its fair share of serious, tough questions, the morning also saw its share of lightheartedness.
Defensive end Ryan Mueller had the opportunity to interview head coach Bill Snyder and ask a few questions of his own.
"After being a coach for 1,000 years, what is the most important lesson you've learned being a college football coach?" Mueller laughed as he asked the question to his coach.
"Well you try to get as many Ryan Mueller's on your team as possible," Snyder replied.
"Thank you coach, I appreciate that," Mueller said before moving on to another question. 
The final question from Mueller was: "Are we tired of losing these bowl games?"
"I am, and I hope you are too," said Snyder.
"Alright Coach, let's go get it!" Mueller said as he closed his fun interview session with his head coach.
As media day came to an end and conversation began to get lighter, a few questions arose: Who is the best singer on the team? and, Who is the funniest guy on the team?
"The best singer is probably Curry Sexton, oh yea, beautiful voice," Mueller said about who he thinks has the best vocals.
"(Mueller) is just trying to get him to sound really bad because Curry sings really awful," Thompson laughed when asked if Sexton was really the team's best singer, "but I'd say the worst singer is probably John (Hubert). Yea, John is the worst singer, the worst dancer, the worst everything, spelling bee, everything. But he can make us laugh."
(In Sexton's defense, his response to whether or not he was the best singer was: "That's a lie! I'm terrible!")
So while Hubert and Sexton were ruled out as the team's best singers pretty quickly, linebacker Tre Walker became the one with the most votes for best singer on the team.
"We've got a lot of guys that have the confidence and sing, but they're not always that good," Sams said, "but Tre (Walker) is really the real singer on the team."
"I would have to say the best singer is either Tre Walker or William Cooper," Lockett said. "They sing different songs, all types of music, and you can just tell that they've sung before. They have that talent."
Cooper received other votes from linebacker Blake Slaughter and offensive lineman Tavon Rooks.
"I bet you got a lot of Tre Walker," Slaughter responded. "So I'll say William Cooper, he can sing."
"The best singers on the team, well my top three are: William Ash, William Cooper and Tre Walker," Rooks said.
The answer for the funniest guy on the team was unanimous - Daniel Sams.
"I'd go with DSams," fullback Glenn Gronkowski said. "Definitely DSams."
Even Snyder agreed that Sams sense of humor was among the funniest he's been around.
"You know, he's just sometimes funnier than he needs to be," Snyder said with a smile, "but it's just kind of the way he is, kind of loose, and he's just always been that way since I've known him. I think you've got to have some humor and he does, but what promotes all that, I can't tell you that I know."
After the final questions were asked and the photos were taken, the mood became serious again as the team hopped on its bus and headed to its final full practice before tomorrow night's game.
The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl kicks off tomorrow evening at 9:15 p.m. (CT) from Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Ariz., and will be aired on ESPN. For complete coverage of the Wildcats and their bowl week, you can check out K-State's Bowl HQ.

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