K-State Football Reports for the 2014 Season

It's two weeks of hard work in the Kansas summer heat. It's sweat; it's blood; it's guys giving everything they've got in order to find themselves at a good place on head coach Bill Snyder's depth chart before the 2014 season kicks off.
Yesterday - reporting day - the team attended meetings, checked into the dorms (their 'home away from home' for the next two weeks) and prepared themselves for the intense practices that begin today.
"It's tough," said senior quarterback Jake Waters. "Camp is tough. No one wants to stay in the dorms in a small bed; it's not very comfy. Camp, it's all day, but that's what it takes to get where you want to be. So you've got to love it, but you hate it at the same time."
A love-hate relationship; at least that's how players seemed to describe their two weeks of fall camp.
"It's definitely a love-hate thing," said senior linebacker Jonathan Truman. "It's hard, it's difficult, it's hot; but at the same time, you really get to know your teammates. We stay in the dorms for a week. There's just that camaraderie we have that can't be replaced by anything else. Camp is a time that we really build our team right before the season."
Camp offers the Wildcats a chance to get better. It gives them the chance to improve the most intricate details of their game and become closer than ever before. Fall camp is where K-State football will focus on nothing but the game and its team for 14 straight days.
"I think it's tough, I think it's a grind, but when you make it through fall camp, you feel initiated into the program," said senior defensive end Ryan Mueller. "If you can survive fall camp, I'm confident you can survive any tasks that Coach Snyder - or anyone for that matter - asks of you."
It's August, and the Cats know August marks more than just a new month on the calendar; August is the sign of a new year and a new era for K-State football. The past is the past, and while the team must learn from its mistakes in the past to move on, the opportunity that lies ahead is what is on its mind.
"A huge goal of ours this season is to start off strong," said Truman. "Last year, after beginning 2-4, we didn't know what was going on, but I'm sure we were not doing the correct things in order to win on Saturdays. This year, we're more focused, we're together and we're ready to go."
This year's fall camp will determine the 2014 players in which Wildcat fans will be watching under the bright lights of Bill Snyder Family Stadium on Aug. 30, when K-State kicks off its 2014 campaign against Stephen F. Austin at 6:10 p.m.
K-State football's 2014 slate is blank. It's waiting to be filled. Will you be watching?

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