K-State goes PINK

Beginning Aug. 6, Victoria's Secret PINK will offer a wide variety of K-State apparel in stores and online as K-State is finally a member of the company's PINK Collegiate Collection.

"Our licensing agency has been working very diligently to try and use their connections to get K-State in PINK and we were given the opportunity to be in this fall's collection," Director of Licensing at K-State Athletics Tami Breymeyer said. "It's exciting because of the number of requests we've had come in from fans wanting K-State and Victoria's Secret with a cross brand license. It's also very exciting to see the product and know that it will be here very soon."

With images of the shirts, sweatshirts, accessories and sweat pants scattered about her desk, Breymeyer displayed this fall's line of K-State PINK apparel.

"I'm already approving artwork for the next season release, for a January season release of products and such," Breymeyer said as she pointed to a picture of a purple tank top with the K-State logo across the front and PINK written across the back, "People often attribute, maybe scantily to Victoria's Secret, but this is a lounge wear program and a lot of people wear the Victoria's Secret PINK collection lounge wear. It will be nice that our fans can get their purple and white and support their team in all these fashions.

From sweatshirts for those chilly fall game days to yoga pants for late night study sessions, women at K-State will now be able to join women from more than 50 other universities nation-wide in sporting their school while wearing a brand they love and trust.

K-State cheerleader and junior in public relations Kelsey Wolf was the first in Manhattan to try on the new line of PINK Wildcat wear.

"I think it's awesome, I want basically everything," Wolf laughed as she sported black K-state leggings and a V-neck that had Born a Wildcat written across the front. "It's the perfect mix of cute clothes that are comfortable, fashionable and that show your school spirit. I think a lot of the K-State community has been waiting for this to happen, and it came at the perfect time because football season is right around the corner."

The PINK Collegiate line was launched in 2004 as a "fully articulated lifestyle collection for college-aged women," the company says in its press release about adding K-State to its collegiate line. Now, after years of K-State fans wishing for their favorite school was a part of PINK, K-State has become the seventh Big 12 Conference school to be a part of the collection joining Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech and West Virginia. The K-State line will be sold in Victoria's Secret stores across Kansas, so it won't be unlikely to see PINK K-State apparel on the shelves next to rivaling KU apparel.

While the PINK Collegiate Collection alone is a reason for many to celebrate, this year, the K-State Powercat can be found on more than just the shelves of Victoria's Secret. Partnering with the popular gift and bag company Thirty-One, K-State fans are now able to customize handbags, totes and suitcases to show their school pride.

"They started their collegiate collection and I found out about it about mid-August last year," Breymeyer said. "It was too late to try and get K-State part of the initial release, but we started conversations with the company at that time and through the year I've been working with them and taking them through the licensing process. Now they've got a whole K-State contract that will be available."

The money from the sales of these items turns around into bettering student life around the K-State campus. From the band to the cheerleaders to general student scholarships, 10-percent of wholesale price of these items comes back to the university in royalty dollars.

"They are popular brands, so it's only going to turn into more royalty dollars which turns into the betterment of our students, and that's the exciting thing," Breymeyer explained. "We ultimately want to continue to see our brands grow and so having these licenses with these companies and these brands that are popular, to have our brand blend with them into their product is ultimately a positive win, not only for the fan but for our students."

With an annual gross income of $1.6 million in royalty last year, Breymeyer is optimistic the addition of PINK and Thirty-One will only bring in more opportunities for students.

"Ultimately, I'm just so thrilled about the K-State PINK, I think the fans are going to be so happy," Breymeyer said. "I regularly get emails from people asking, 'When are we getting PINK?' and to know that those emails will stop now because we'll have PINK out there for them will be great, and we'll be able to focus on seeing what else is out there for partnership."

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