K-State Hoops Records "Never" to be Broken

It was 48 years ago this past weekend that Wilt Chamberlain broke the all-time NBA scoring mark held by Bob Pettit. Before his retirement, "The Big Dipper" would pile up another 10,000-plus points to end his 14-year career with 31,419. 
It was certainly a mark never to be touched... right? 
Today, Chamberlain ranks only fourth in NBA history behind Michael Jordan, Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  
The story got me thinking about the top-10 Kansas State men's and women's basketball records that will never be touched. Yep, 'never' is a long, long, long time, but here's to say that these Wildcat standards are written in permanent ink. 
Here we go, and you're encouraged to put your memory cap on to come up with some historical records/moments of your own that would top these. 
Oh, the order is only sort of 1 through 10. Every time I piddled with a 1 through 10 order, it changed, so at least after the first two records, the list is in pencil and full of eraser marks. 
62!!!! - On March 24, 1994, in a postseason NIT game against Fresno State, Askia Jones rewrote the K-State record book with the marks of 20 years ago standing sturdy today. Just for your information, Jones played in only 28 minutes of the 40-minute game, but still found a way to produce these astounding numbers:
-     62 points in a single game: a K-State record that is 15 points more than Chuckie Williams' 47 points in 1975 against Holy Cross in the NCAA Tournament.
-     14 three-pointers in a single game: a K-State record by six over the eight netted by Steve Henson in 1990 and Cortez Groves in 2000.
-     45 points in a single half.
-     A single-game Bramlage Coliseum record by 21 points: Steve Henson scored 41 against Iowa State in 1990.
392 FROM 3 - Laurie Koehn's 392 three-pointers scored between the 2001-02 and 2004-05 seasons still ranks as not only a K-State record, but an all-time NCAA record. As great of a sharp-shooter as Britany Chambers was, her 350 makes were 42 shy of Koehn's mark. 
WHEN 75 WASN'T ENOUGH - It was in 2008 that Michael Beasley netted 44 points and fellow freshman Bill Walker added 31 points against the Baylor Bears. That was 75 points out of Kansas State's total of 86. 
And now the rest of the story: K-State lost to the Bears in Waco, 92-86. 
It's hard to believe there will ever be another 75-point performance by two players in a K-State loss. 
THE AMAZING MR. BEASLEY - Michael Beasley chose to be a Wildcat only one season, but what a year it was in 2007-08. The 6-foot-10 standout averaged 26.2 points during a 33-game season, which is 4.3 points better than any other K-State player. Oh yes, Beasley also holds the school record of 28.4 points per game in league contests in a single year. 
Beasley scored at least 30 points in 13 games, which is six more than any other Wildcat. 
WECKER NO. 1 - No Wildcat will ever match the point-rebound-assist production of Kendra Wecker. From 2001-02 to 2004-05, Wecker totaled 2,333 points, captured 1,087 rebounds and dished out 379 assists for a grand total of 3,799 in the three categories. 
As sensational as Nicole Ohlde was, her point (2,241), rebound (995) and assist (367) total of 3,603 was 196 shy of Wecker's point-rebound-assist numbers. 
For the record, Jacob Pullen tops the men's chart with 2,909 - 2,132 points, 322, rebounds and 455 assists. 
800 DISH OUTS - Shalee Lehning shared the basketball like no one else in K-State history. Between the 2005-06 and 2008-09 campaigns, Lehning handed out 800 assists, which tops second-place Megan Mahoney (589) by 211 assists. 
By comparison, Steve Henson owns the men's record with 582 assists. 
While we're talking about Lehning, she also owns the Big 12 record for triple-doubles in a single game - twin figures in points, rebounds and assists - with three during the 2008-09 season. 
AUTOMATIC FROM THE STRIPE - Steve Henson made 92.5 percent of his free throws for the entire 1987-88 season. That was 111 makes out of 120 attempts. For his four-year career, he was 90 percent from the foul line with 361 makes out of 401 attempts. 
By comparison, Laurie Koehn made 89.5 percent from the charity stripe in 2001-02 and 87.7 percent for her career. 
Today, if one hits over 70 percent he/she is considered a marksman from the line. 
HALL WAS EVERYWHERE - David Hall was just 6-foot-7 and weighed a modest 200 pounds when he snared 27 rebounds against Oklahoma in 1971 for a Kansas State single-game record. Only Michael Beasley in 2007 has flirted with the record since 1970 with 24 boards against Sacramento State. 
The women's record for one game is 20 shared by Lehning, Wecker and Carlisa Thomas. 
HARD TO BEAT PERFECT (on at least 10 attempts) - Priscilla Gary torched Cal State Fullerton on 13-of-13 shooting from the field in a 1982 game. 
Coming close on the men's side were Joe Wright in 1985 against Oklahoma State and Eddie Elder in 1985 against Colorado with 11-of-11 accuracy from the field. 
OF ALL THE GREAT GUARDS, FRAZIER NO. 1 FOR A NIGHT - In a 1976 game against Central Missouri, Keith Frazier handed out 16 assists in a single game. Tim Jankovich ranks second on the list with 14 against Kansas in 1981. No Wildcat has handed out more than 11 assists in any game since 1990.