K-State Sports Extra Big 12 Basketball Awards

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: JACOB PULLEN ... no league player has hoisted his team on his back and carried a club like K-State's No. 0 through the last six weeks of the season. Not only has he been a 20-point per game scorer for the total season, but a 22-point man through the grind of 16 league games. AND, there's no question that Pullen will also be on the five-man All-Defensive team for the second straight year. COACH OF THE YEAR: BILL SELF ... arguments can be made for several coaches: Frank Martin for the mid-year turnaround of the Wildcats; Doc Sadler doing the most with least at Nebraska; and Mark Turgeon's team was picked sixth, but finished third. But the fact is Kansas wins the title for the seventh straight season and is the No. 2 ranked team in America. NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR: Ricardo Ratliffe, MU FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR: Perry Jones, BU FIRST TEAM ALL-BIG 12: Jacob Pullen, KSU; Alec Burks, CU; Jordan Hamilton, UT; Marcus Morris, KU; Khris Middleton, A&M SECOND TEAM: LaceDarius Dunn, BU; Diante Garrett, ISU; Marcus Denmon, MU; Markieff Morris, KU; Tristan Thompson, UT FIVE BIG 12 TRIVIA QUESTIONS: Only two Wildcats have ever earned first-team All-Big 12 honors. Who are they? Only twice has the Big 12 Player of the Year also been the Freshman of the Year. Who are they?     Twelve Wildcats have earned 1st, 2nd or 3rd team All-Big 12 honors. How many can you name? Hint: There are nine different players. DID YOU KNOWS: Only K-State and Kansas are the only league teams to have earned first-round byes in each of the last five years. The Wildcats have averaged 10 Big 12 wins in the last five years. Jacob Pullen is in an elite class of only three others to be first-team All-Big 12 AND on the All-Defensive team. The others are Cole Aldrich of KU (twice), Kevin Durant of UT and P.J. Tucker of Texas. Pullen accomplished the feat last year, and is expected to again this year. THREE TRIVIA ANSWERS: Jacob Pullen in 2010; Michael Beasley in 2008; Michael Beasley (2008) and Kevin Durant (2007) won both the Freshman and Player of the Year in the same season. All-Big 12 Wildcats - Jacob Pullen, 1st team 2010; Denis Clemente, 2nd 2010, 2009; Michael Beasley, 1st 2008; Bill Walker, 3rd 2008; David Hoskins, 2nd 2007; Cartier Martin, 2nd 2007, 2006; Jeremiah Massey, 2nd 2005, 3rd 2004; Larry Reid, 2nd 2002; Manny Dies, 3rd 1998 ON THE WOMEN'S SIDE: While the women go with a 10-player first team, plus a five-member second team, we've broken ours down to a first-five and a second-five. PLAYER OF THE YEAR: DANIELLE ADAMS ... the Texas A&M Aggie led the league in scoring and was second in rebounding for the No. 3 team in the nation. COACH OF THE YEAR: KIM MULKEY ... her Lady Bears have been in the top three in the nation from week-one and ended the year 28-2. BUT, put K-State's Deb Patterson in the No. 2 spot as her women were picked ninth, but have finished strong to tie for third in the standings and receive a first-round bye in the conference tournament. FIRST TEAM ALL-BIG 12: Danielle Adams, A&M; Brittney Griner, BU; Danielle Robinson, OU; Kelsey Bolte, ISU; Brittany Chambers, KSU SECOND TEAM ALL-BIG 12: Carolyn Davis, KU; Brittany Spears, CU; Odyssey Sims, BU; Tyra White, A&M; Aaryn Ellenberg, OU THREE WOMEN'S TRIVIA QUESTIONS: K-State has had two Big 12 Players of the Year. Name them. Six Wildcats have been first-team All-Big 12. Name them ... four of the six were multiple-time winners. Two Wildcats have been named to the All-Rookie team. Name them. DID YOU KNOWS: Deb Patterson is one of four individuals to be a multiple-time Big 12 Coach of the Year: Sherri Coale, OU (4), Marsha Sharp, TTU (2), Jody Conradt, UT (2); Patterson, KSU (2, 2008 and 2002) At the 10th year anniversary of the Big 12, two Wildcats were among the top five: Nicole Ohlde, Kendra Wecker; Stacey Dales, OU; Sophia Young, Baylor; and, Angie Welle, ISU K-State is the only team from the Big 12 North to win the conference title twice - 2008 and 2002. Kansas, Iowa State and Nebraska each have one crown. THREE WOMEN'S TRIVIA ANSWERS: Nicole Ohlde in 2003 and 2004; Kendra Wecker in 2005 have been Players of the Year. First-team All-Big 12 recipients - Ashley Sweat 2010 and 2009; Shalee Lehning 2009, 2008; Kimberly Dietz 2008; Kendra Wecker 2005, 2004, 2003; Nicole Ohlde 2004, 2003, 2002; Andria Jones 1997 Marlies Gipson 2006 and Ashley Sweat 2007 have made the All Rookie Team. FINALLY: Both the K-State men's and women's teams appear to "Dancin'" their way into the NCAA Tournament. (The NCAA Tournament started for women in 1982.) That has happened in the same season only three times: 2008, 1987 and 1982. We hope you enjoy K-State Sports Extra. We would like to hear your comments and any story ideas for future emails, so fire them our way. Contact either Mark Janssen at mjanssen7@cox.net, or Kansas State Director of Athletic Communications/SID Kenny Lannou at klannou@kstatesports.com. For those who would like to share Sports Extra with a friend or family member, or change your current email address, click here.