K-StateHD.TV to Air Game vs. UMass

From the on-screen graphics to the instant replays, K-StateHD.TV's crew of about 25 have been working hard to produce a high-definition event for Wildcat fans world-wide.
Under the Big 12 Conference's television rights agreement, each university has the choice to hold one game and can either sell that game to its third-tier partner (K-State's third-tier partner is FOX Sports) or choose to produce it themselves.
"It is our signature event every year as far as subscriptions and exposure," Brian Smoller, director of K-StateHD.TV said about K-State Athletics producing the broadcast of the weekend's football game, "and each year it's been the largest single college event, subscriber wise, that CBS has had on its platform."
K-StateHD.TV, which launched in Aug. 2011, has become one of the nation's leading collegiate digital networks and ranks No. 1 in viewership among all CBS College Network schools.
This is the third consecutive year that K-State will air a football game exclusively on K-StateHD.TV. On game days, the network offers fans the opportunity to check out pre- and post-game shows, exclusive interviews and the post-game press conference with K-State head coach Bill Snyder.
Tomorrow's K-State Gameday show, featuring Smoller and former Wildcat great Kevin Lockett, will begin at 5:10 p.m. on the network.
But it's not just football that the K-StateHD.TV crew is hard at work producing - it's that and much more.
K-StateHD.TV works alongside FOX Sports in producing coverage of men's and women's basketball, volleyball and baseball games.
FOX Sports distributes its live K-State footage to FOX Sports Kansas City, FOX Sports Midwest and Fox College Sports (FCS) depending on the game, and often works through K-StateHD.TV to gain its content.
"For volleyball, women's basketball and baseball, our FOX affiliate will occasionally pick up games and have us do all the broadcast," Andy Liebsch, assistant director of video services at K-State said, "so pretty much all volleyball, women's basketball and baseball games that are on FOX and its affiliates are crewed and directed by us."
Partnering with FOX Sports also provides K-State the opportunity to use the network's graphics, something that may seem like a small task to viewers, but has helped out K-StateHD.TV immensely.
"A lot of the graphics we use on the scoreboard in the stadium are all the FOX fonts because we are using their templates now," Smoller added.
K-StateHD.TV also gives K-State students the opportunity to build their resumes while gaining hands-on experience working with a professional world-wide broadcast.
"They're getting real world experience," Liebsch said about the students who work with K-StateHD.TV. "They're able to come in and work on a full broadcast production that is going out to a national audience. It is an opportunity to get out there and be able to say, 'Hey, I've run camera,' or 'I've done graphics for a national broadcast on TV.'"
To visit the home of K-StateHD.TV, or to subscribe to the service, go to k-statehd.tv. The subscription service remains a product of K-State's All-Access platform through the CBS College Network so current subscribers will have immediate access to the game and additional content.
For those interested in subscribing to K-StateHD.TV, which will feature live game broadcasts as well as premium content such as original K-State shows, game replays and press conferences, the service is available for $9.95 per month and $79.95 per year.

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