Letter from A.D. John Currie - June 7

As the construction continues through the summer and over the next 14 months, click here to watch the progress as we have installed multiple webcams for your viewing pleasure at k-statesports.com/weststadiumcenter. Also you can watch the updates on an iOS or Android device, by going the App Store and downloading the FREE Dropcam App. After launching the application, select the "I do not have an account" option and scroll down to view the "Free Public Webcams." Click to select it and then locate the "K-State Athletics" featured camera options. While we have moved swiftly, yet carefully throughout the planning and early construction stages of this project, I couldn't be more pleased with the commitment and reception from the entire K-State Nation. What we have been able to accomplish over the last year has again shown me that the K-State Nation is fully committed to making this project a reality and absolutely will do what it takes to make it happen. From buying $99 K-State Pledge season tickets three years ago, to filling up all of our arenas and stadiums in support of our student-athletes, the more than 2,500 new members of the Ahearn Fund, our record number of capital gifts and every $50 or more participant that makes up our record 8,000-plus Ahearn Fund members - you have shown that you are 100-percent committed to helping us advance K-State's position as a national leader in college athletics.While the building process is underway, fundraising momentum for the West Stadium Center continues as we approach the $50 million mark in total funding towards our $75 million goal!Following the largest single gift in our history, a $5 million anonymous pledge to the WSC project, we challenged Wildcat Nation to match that gift by June 30. While we are closing in on that $5 million mark, we ask for your help to reach our goal by June 30 by committing to club seats or making a philanthropic pledge. Contact the Ahearn Fund at 888-232-9074 or visit our website here for more details. Even though opening day for the WSC is still 14 months away, now is also the time to lock in the very best Loge or Club seat location as commitments prior to June 30 receive first priority. Behind the scenes major logistical work is happening to ensure that the project remains on schedule. This project is being developed by what is called a "Construction Manager at Risk" process, and we have completed the schematic design and moved into the design development phase - which basically means we are currently planning all of the internal finishes for the building. We have talked about the West Stadium Center being the "Northwest Gateway" to our campus and how the outside structure will feature beautiful limestone to reflect our campus architecture and Flint Hills region. On the inside, we also want this new building to showcase the heritage of our position as the state school of Kansas and reflect our commitment to the best fan experience in the Big 12 and a world-class student-athlete experience. We are also working on models for the new student- athlete training table and of course making sure the new main concourse experience is convenient and beneficial for all our fans! Before I close, I would like to acknowledge a few of the lead project managers, who are fully committed to designing and constructing one of the finest sports structures in the country. Jon Niemuth (AE Com) and Mike Holleman (Heery) have done a terrific job as the lead architects on the project, while Jim Johnson (GE Johnson) and Derek Cunz (Mortenson) are spearheading the construction piece of the project. And, Laird Veatch, Charlie Thomas and Reid Sigmon, among others, from our staff have been instrumental in making this project run smoothly. Again, thanks for your full commitment to this project in support of all 440-plus of our student-athletes. I can't wait for August 31, 2013, when we open the WSC. Every K-State fan will benefit, so plan ahead to be a part of that special day!