Letter from A.D. John Currie - March 21

First, as a member institution of the Big 12 Conference and the NCAA, we have an obligation to investigate potential rules violations.  When information is given to us about potential violations we are expected to immediately work to determine if indeed a violation has occurred and, if so, whether the eligibility of a student-athlete is in question.There are serious repercussions for an institution that knowingly plays a student-athlete who is potentially ineligible.  These potential repercussions include forfeiture of contests, a "major" violation charge, and even charges of unethical conduct and failure to maintain an atmosphere of compliance, as well as institutional probation and other sanctions.After working throughout Friday night and Saturday morning, and consulting with the NCAA staff, it was determined that a violation had occurred, thus rendering Jamar ineligible to compete.  During the first half we learned that Jamar would not be reinstated.  We would have continued the reinstatement effort had we won the game and proceeded to the next round.I do appreciate the access and immediate attention that numerous NCAA staff members gave us Friday evening and Saturday.  I wish with all my heart that Jamar could have played Saturday.  I'm grateful for the way our team battled throughout the game, for the passion that Coach Martin has for our student-athletes and for the way Jamar visibly and vocally supported his teammates throughout the game.We were one of 32 schools out of 338 NCAA Division I basketball-playing institutions to make the third round of the men's basketball tournament.  All 338 are expected to abide by the rules of membership.  And, the members can elect any year (and certainly have through the years) to change or modify rules.  However, we can't decide on our own which rules we want to follow and which ones we don't, nor would we want to participate in an organization where members have such latitude.We'll continue to work towards our vision of a model intercollegiate program at K-State, and our five goals, including winning championships.  We'll do it with integrity and within the rules.  It's the only way.I appreciate our tremendous fans and the commitment to excellence of our coaches and student-athletes.Go Cats!