Meet the Assistants | Trent Sorensen

August 12, 2015

By Kelly McHugh-Stewart

Looking forward to the 2015-16 athletics season, K-State Sports Extra is spending the next few Wednesdays introducing its readers to K-State’s new assistant coaches! With new faces in K-State’s volleyball, tennis, soccer and baseball programs and familiar faces stepping up in the women’s basketball and rowing programs, we are excited to introduce you to a few of the newest members of the K-State family. 

Trent Sorensen: K-State Volleyball Assistant Coach
Hometown: Fontana, California
Previous position: Prep volleyball coach for Tejas Volleyball club in Fort Worth, Texas

Trent Sorensen, the Wildcat volleyball program’s newest assistant coach, is thrilled to take his coaching skills to the next level.

Coming to K-State this past spring from Fort Worth, Texas, where he spent the past six years coaching the Tejas Volleyball club, Sorensen brings a fresh, young outlook to the K-State coaching staff. 

“It’s been good having him here,” said head coach Suzie Fritz. “We (the coaches) are all really different. Trent is a little bit looser and Jeff (Grove) is all business. So, just like a team is working to kind of figure everything out, we as a staff are doing the same.”

While Fritz and Grove have 34 combined years of experience coaching at K-State entering the 2015 campaign, Sorensen will surely add a new dynamic to the group. 

“We love Trent,” said redshirt junior setter Katie Brand. “He doesn’t talk a lot, but we like that because when he does give us information, it’s all eyes on him; everybody listens. His information is always really meaningful. He’s been an awesome addition to the team.” 

Familiar with the collegiate game, both Sorensen and his wife, Kim, played volleyball at BYU. Sorensen played for the Cougars from 2004-08, competing in 87 matches and tallying more than 300 kills and 200 blocks. A key component to BYU’s success, Sorensen only missed one set over the course of 30 matches his senior season, helping him earn all-league honorable mention honors.

Kim played for BYU from 2004-06 and earned an All-Mountain West Conference selection her senior season. After spending the past four years coaching with the Tejas Volleyball program, Kim will also be involved with K-State volleyball as a volunteer assistant coach for the Cats down the road.

A close-knit family, Trent and Kim have three children, Aiden, Sienna and Reece, and are expecting their fourth next month.  

Earlier this month, K-State Sports Extra caught up with Sorensen to chat about his time in Manhattan. Here’s a look at what he had to say:

Sports Extra: You’ve been with K-State for a few months now. What are your thoughts on the program so far?

Trent Sorensen: It’s been awesome; I absolutely love it. I knew I was going to love everything about it here. I knew this coaching staff really well, and we all get along. We’re all philosophically the same, so that is really nice. It’s also been nice to know this group of girls because they’re a great group.

SE: Coach Fritz and Coach Grove have been coaching together for quite a while. How do you feel you’re fitting in coaching with them?

TS: Personality-wise, we complement each other very well. I obviously bring a newer perspective since they’ve all been here for a very long time, but we all see eye-to-eye with almost everything that we’re doing. They have been so welcoming with letting me feel like I can contribute and take on responsibility. They’ve been so trusting that they’ve made this transition very easy.

SE: How has the transition from coaching at the prep level to now coaching at the collegiate level gone?

TS: It’s a faster game, but I think all the principles, whether you’re playing junior high ball or Olympic ball, are almost the same. The speed – it takes one or two days to remember how fast it is – took a little bit of getting used to, but after I got used to that, it it’s been fine.

SE: How would you describe your coaching style?

TS: I try to be as detail-oriented as possible. I try to ask questions; to not teach as much as I ask. I’m fairly mellow; there aren’t a lot of things that get me going. I’m not a yeller and I think that really fits an assistant coach’s personality, especially with this as my first job.

SE: After spending so much time coaching at the prep level there, are you hoping to expand K-State recruiting more throughout Texas?  

TS: Kansas City is huge with volleyball. They have a ton of good, high-quality club teams, and the program here already thrives there, but I think Texas is somewhere we needed to do a little better at. Since I was down there for about seven years, I know a lot of the good programs. I know a lot of the great coaches they have down there, and I think that’s going to help with recruiting a ton.

SE: You’ve been around this team for a little while now. What can people expect from K-State volleyball this season?

TS: They are going to work hard. They’re going to work hard and keep doing what they do best. In my mind, K-State is known for the way in which they work – it’s blue collar… they get after it. They’ve been very successful in the past, and this team will be the same.

SE: Finally, now that you’re settled in a little bit, what are your thoughts on living in the Little Apple?

TS: I’ve never lived in a true college town before, so moving into this community has been one of the most exciting things for me. I’m so impressed with the people here. Everyone’s been so welcoming. It’s awesome – overwhelming in a good way. A lot of people have helped me out with this and that; it’s amazing.


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