New Year's Resolution's from the Wildcats

"To be more fit. To eat healthier and keep my body in shape. That, and to go out of my way to help others in their lives." - Paige Osterloo, women's golf

"Spend as much time with my little girl as I can." - Chuck Hall, football equipment manager

"None. They're pointless because no one keeps them." - Amanda Weishaar, rowing

"To enjoy the little things in life more." - Randy Peterson, assistant sports information director

"Renewed effort to serve my community more." - Jason Schulte, men's golf

"To spend more time reading my Bible each day." - Shalee Lehning, assistant women's basketball coach

"To smile more." - Ali Pistora, women's track

"The same as always, to exercise more and eat more vegetables. I anticipate the same will be true next year, as well." - Laird Veatch, associate AD

"To make time to read a novel. It's been too long." -- JuliAnne Chisholm, volleyball and women's basketball player

"To spend more time with my brother and sister-in-law when they come home from South Korea." - Taelor Karr, women's basketball

"To get back in shape. I know, I know - everyone says that." - Stacy Martin, assistant AD/business operations

"Usually it has to do with giving up some type of food item that is bad for you. Last year it was french fries, and the year before it was soda pop. It will be something along those lines." -- Gianna Misenhelter, women's golf

"To make more time for God." - Kelsey Hill, women's basketball

"I want to meet new people. I feel like I've made very few new friends this past year." - Jalana Childs, women's basketball

"To eat healthier; to eat less BBQ. OK, neither have a chance of happening. Maybe in 2012." - Mark Janssen, Sports Extra