Postcard From The Big Apple

But, we made it just ahead of the worst of Sunday's wintery blast in New York City.

The humongous Delta 747 arrived safely at JFK some 2 hours, 47 minutes after takeoff, which was followed by nearly a 70-minute bus ride through NYC to the Sheraton Hotel and Towers arriving around 5:20 p.m.
 Of the ultra-overcast conditions, long snapper Corey Adams said, "We landed, but I thought we were still in the clouds. We didn't see the runway until we hit it." The team had a scheduled outdoor workout at Columbia University, but due to the late arrival, the team did a most controlled walk-through in the mega-sized Metropolitan Ballroom of the Sheraton. To the players, it was good to start X and Oing again. "It was a good focus day for us," said offensive guard Zach Kendall. "When you're in no pads and in a hotel lobby, it challenges your focus." After the walk-through, the Wildcats bundled up in Pinstripe Bowl sweats and stocking caps and went out to find Time Square for the rest of the evening. "I'm excited to see the whole New York City atmosphere," said Adams before his departure into the elements. Snyder urges his Wildcats to explore the city, but adds that come practice time the key word is "retention. That's the bottom line. What we do in a meeting room and what we do on the practice field, can we retain it day, to day, to day with some of the other distractions." Weather permitting, Monday's festivities for the players will include a visit to "Ground Zero" plus either Rockefeller Center or the Empire State Building early in the morning, followed by a press conference at Times Square with representatives from each school, and hopefully New York Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira, weather permitting. The team will then practice at Columbia University before going to Yankee Stadium for a welcome dinner for both teams in the evening. Oh, in another word about this place:  expensive. Brisket sandwich and a Diet Coke at a basic deli were $19.33, plus $6.75 for a slab of apple pie. That's it for today, Mark P.S. K-State's marching band left Manhattan via six buses for the estimated 22-hour straight drive to the Big Apple. The Pride of Wildcatland was given the option to fly, or to bus with the athletic department donating an additional sum of dollars to the band for future use. The band will also bus home after the game, but with an overnight stop. P.S.S.  Pinstripe Bowl officials report that Syracuse, only four hours from NYC, sold 11,000-plus tickets, while K-State is expecting approximately 5,000 Wildcat fans to be on hand, which is well over its 2,300 allotted tickets. While the Wildcats jetted in from the Flint Hills, many members of the Orange arrived from their individual homes by train. A crowd of 35,000 to 40,000 it expected for Thursday's game. The forecast for Thursday is low-40s with partly cloudy skies. In a word:  Yeah (to the weather forecast)!