Postcard from the Big Apple - Monday

The nasty elements postponed the Time Square press conference, plus forced the Wildcats from their scheduled practice at Columbia University to the indoor facility of the New York Giants. The press conference will take place Tuesday, which will include the unveiling of the George M. Steinbrenner championship trophy. The Wildcats, constantly on the move, will stay indoors and practice at the New York Jets training facility, which will make three training sites in three days. Prior to practice Monday, the Wildcats toured "Ground Zero" and the Empire State Building, and  were treated to a feast by the bowl hosts at Yankee Stadium. "Being atop the Empire State Building gave you a chance to see how beautiful the city is," said receiver Aubrey Quarles. "When you're walking around you just look up, but it gave us a new perspective of the city." Even in Sunday night's blizzard conditions, the Wildcats hit the streets. "My group made it all the way down to Madison Square Garden," said quarterback Collin Klein. "I don't know how far we walked ... must have been 20 blocks." Zach Kendall described his outing as one of "... walking 32 blocks to get to Ray's Pizza, which was only about four blocks away. Needless to say, we got lost, but it was worth it ... great pizza." Laughing, Kendall added, "It was so cold, and the wind was blowing so hard, it froze one of my eyelids shut." A product of Hillsboro, Kan, Wade Weibert was quizzed about the skyline in his home town and just what the tallest building in his community would be. "Do elevators count?" he quipped. "If you don't include Co-op, it's probably two stories."

Highlighting Tuesday's activities will be a breakfast for coach Snyder and the Wildcat captains hosted by the New York Stock Exchange, followed by the ringing of the bell to open trading at 8:30 (central time). Select members of the team will then go to the Sloan Kettering Children's Hospital for a visit, before suiting up for a bowl press conference and then practice. In the evening, the team will dine on a yacht cruise.  Families have been included in the festivities as some moms and kids hit the Dylan's Candy Bar Monday morning, and can opt for the Sky Rink at Chelsea Pier Tuesday for ice skating and a pizza party, followed by a shopping trip to Lord & Taylor.

Mark P.S. - K-State President Kirk Schulz and Dr. Noel Schulz made it into NYC via a train from Richmond, Va. But, the Schulz's had to navigate nearly eight blocks with their luggage to find transportation to the Sheraton Hotel. Oh, rest easy, the trip by train was planned.