Postcard From The Big Apple - Tuesday

For all of 'you' Wildcat folks in the stock market, give a salute to Bill Snyder, Zach Kendall and Alex Hrebec! That Wildcat trio helped ring the bell on Tuesday to open the daily trading frenzy of the New York Stock Exchange, which at mid-afternoon was up 20 points. "Give me the credit," chirped Kendall. "I made it happen." Of the world he saw, Kendall said, "It really was a neat experience. Every day is like a game day for them. It was neat, but what a stressful life." Oh, if there was a disappointment, Kendall said, "You don't really ring the bell. All coach did was push a button that rings the bell." Speaking of a moment of stress, 13 of us had a couple anxious moments when we traveled to the Hyatt for a press conference involving the coordinators - Del Miller, Dana Dimel and Chris Cosh - plus players Kendall, Carson Coffman and Emmanuel Lamur. Deciding to all ride in one elevator ... what, maybe one floor up to the ballroom ... the door closed and the stuffed mini-room sat motionless until an SOS call went out and a safe rescue was made. Speaking of being stuck, the Delta charter that carried the Wildcats here was scheduled to fly directly to Michigan to carry Michigan State to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. It wasn't able to get out, and was still at JFK on Tuesday morning. All total, that 747 had been slated to carry 10 different teams to bowl destinations. Oh, speaking of buses, again, those carrying the K-State Marching Band that left Manhattan around 1 Sunday afternoon arrived Monday evening around 7, which was only four or five hours later than scheduled. Remember former K-State linebacker Laird Veatch, a starting linebacker on the 1993 Wildcat team that played in the Copper Bowl? Ya gotta ask Laird about his favorite meal while in NYC the next time you see him. Laird, and wife Brandy, took their three daughters for tea at the American Girl restaurant on Monday. "Laird loved the little heart-shaped sandwiches," quipped Brandy. K-State and Syracuse players will have breakfast at the Hard Rock Café Wednesday morning, which will be followed by a Bill Snyder press conference and K-State's walk-thru at Yankee Stadium, and later a K-State pep rally at the Roseland Ballroom. The Wildcats will be in lock-down mode in the evening with a dinner and movie at the hotel, with a chapel service to follow before tomorrow's game day. That's all folks. Mark P.S. - Isn't it amazing how many words I can cram onto a single postcard! P.S.S. - I want to give thanks to the readers of "Sports Extra." Twenty-seven (and counting) of you dropped me a line Tuesday showing support for the Wildcats. I received a nice e-mail from Jeff Randall, from Hanover, Pa., who was informed by Delta that they thought they could get him into New York by Thursday evening ... just in time to catch his return flight early the next morning, and of course, missing Thursday's 2:20 start. In true K-State spirit, Randall was offering to Fed Ex his club level ticket to anyone who could use it ... but of course, they would have to get to NYC. And, Manhattan City Commissioner Bob Strawn dropped me a line saying that about 15 years ago he helped start the company - Cryotech - which makes the deicer product being used at NYC's airports and on the streets. Stock tip of the day: Invest in Cryotech! P.S.S. - Not only fans but Syracuse players are having a tough time getting to New York City. Monday's Orange practice took place with just 54 players as 31 were still "somewhere else." That included ace running back Delone Carter.