Postgame Quotes

K-State Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening Statement:
“You just can’t spot a team like that like we did. I was hoping that we were catching them at a good time. We did last year. Obviously it wasn’t. They came out with a vengeance. I told our guys that they were playing a team that deserved to be either 1A or 1B. Those guys have improved so much. (Jordan) Woodard, Buddy (Hield), (Isaiah) Cousins and even (Ryan) Spangler have imprioved and worked so hard. They have made a commitment and I hope our guys learn from that. We came out flat-footed and without much energy. Once we got a group in there that wanted to compete we started making some plays and shots and put some pressure on them and we kept hanging in there.”

On the difference in OU last year vs. this year:
“Woodard. Woodard. It’s not even a question. We didn’t guard him last year. We just didn’t guard him. We got here this morning and it was a semi-blizzard for Oklahoma—I’m from Wisconsin and that was just a rain shower—and Cousins was here at 7:30 this morning shooting before us. I don’t know how he got here. There was a little scooter out there so if that was his then he rode here in the snow. I don’t know, I’m probably starting some rumor, but those guys—Buddy started it. They have a culture of a commitment to getting better. Hield took it to another level, Cousins took it to another level, Spangler has taken it to another level and now Woodard has taken it to another level.”

On trying to stop Buddy Hield:
“He is magical. I pray for our shots to go in and I pray for his not to. He is on a run and he is just special. I don’t think he really did anything forced. He didn’t like when we hedged hard and he turned it over six times. He didn’t like some of that. One of our thoughts was to make him a passer. I think it is great for Barry (Brown) to learn from him and see how hard he plays. He just keeps coming at you.”

Freshman Guard Barry Brown
On his scoring run and guarding Buddy Hield: 
“I think I am just adjusting to the offense well, and listening to all the coaches and doing what I need to do to help the team off the bench. On defense, I knew Buddy Hield was going to be if not one of the best players in the country. I knew it was going to be a challenge. He hit a lot of shots. He went 6-for-8 from three and I lost him a couple of times. I tried my best and that just wasn’t good enough.”

Oklahoma Head Coach Lon Kruger
Opening statement:
“A good conference win. I love the way the guys opened the ballgame and obviously created a margin there that we played with for most of the rest of the ballgame. We didn’t finish it quite as clean as we wanted to, but we’ll clean that up. The guys are making good plays for each other, moving the ball well and a couple assists. Obviously we had too many turnovers late, not what we wanted to have. I’m happy for them. Coming off the week that we’ve had to bounce back and open the ballgame like that, I thought that was huge. The guys did a good job.” 

On opening the first half strong: 
“It was huge. We had good movement, good attack, guys that were moving the ball well, guys making shots, creating some offense from turnovers, scoring in transition. The guys were really making plays for each other.”

On Buddy Hield’s performance:
“It’s hard to imagine anyone playing more efficiently than how Buddy is in terms of making shots, attacking, making good plays for his teammates. It’s just really impressive at this point. He works out like that. He works to do that. He’s all about winning and all about his teammates, and he knows his goal for this team is to step up and do what he’s doing.” 

On other players stepping up: 
“This is a group that’s got a lot of guys that can make plays and make shots. Jordan [Woodard]’s been shooting the ball. Knowing what he’s doing, it’s been pretty special, and it’s going a little bit unnoticed because of what Buddy’s doing. Ryan [Spangler] gets 18 rebounds in Lawrence, that doesn’t happen very often, but understand why that’s overshadowed by Buddy’s 46. But that’s okay. Different guys are going to step up at different times. Obviously Buddy’s going to be in the center of it, hopefully every night, but that’s the nature of this club. We’re glad to have initial weapons.

Senior Buddy Hield
On what he didn’t like about his stat line today:
“Turnovers. I had five, just stupid mistakes I made all game. I was just trying to be too fancy. I was just taking the ball down and doing stuff I shouldn’t do. I just have to make the right decision and make the quick play and not try to make the highlight play.”

On playing so many minutes in the first two conference games:
“This is what I love doing. I love playing basketball. I’m used to doing this. Whatever Coach (Kruger) needs, whatever my teammates need. If they need me on the floor, I’m going to be on the floor.”

On scoring 15 points to open the game:
“I just run the floor. My teammates found me. Isaiah, Jordan, Ryan and Khadeem do a good job of finding me open. On offensive rebounds, Khadeem’s got it and he kicks it out to me quick. Everything is off my teammates. They do a good job of finding me. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be in a good spot to score in.”

Senior Ryan Spangler
On Khadeem Lattin becoming a shot blocker:
“It helps a lot. We don’t want to get beat, but if for some reason we do get beat on a rotation or something, we know he’s back there to clean it up for us. The biggest thing is that when he helps us, we have to help him, too.”

Sophomore Khadeem Lattin
On the key to his confidence:
“Good stuff has been happening when I touch the ball, so that always helps with confidence. I’ve just been working a lot, getting more comfortable with the four other guys on the court and just making smart decisions when I touch the ball.”