Postgame Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Bruce Weber
On Iowa State game plan….
“I do not think zone is really their thing. I do not think we attacked it well. We did not move, and we did not flash. I always blame myself, that I did not do a good enough job helping them learn. Some of it is basketball, not having that savvy feel. Some guys know how to attack the zone, some do not, and we have to do a better job teaching. Too many turnovers in the first half that gave them opportunities. One thing, they make their threes. [Georges] Niang had a big three, but they only made six. That is 18 points out of their 76, on the year they average eight, so that is 21 out of 85. They get a lot of points in the paint and that is what they did today, and they made big shots.”

On feeling of loss …
“You hope to make some progress. West Virginia stung, you had a game that you could have won. They [West Virginia] just played Oklahoma down to the wire, they beat Kansas and I thought we outcompeted them for a lot of the game. Tonight, and for Oklahoma, they outcompeted us. You thought it would have been a little better.”

On emotional level of the team…
“I think we let our offense, or lack of offensive execution and shot making effect our defense. Then we probably did not get our energy going. You cannot do that, you have to let the defense create the energy. We have some good young guys, they were very good the other night, tonight they were not quite as good. That is a part of the ups and downs you have with young people. They have to do a better job preparing. Justin [Edwards], I thought in the second half him and Wesley [Iwundu] stepped up their game and gave us something. In the first half, we did not get much out of anyone to be honest. Justin [Edwards], right before the end of the half got us going and gave us some energy.”

On playing from behind…
“I told them to keep fighting, we were down sixteen in the first half here last year. That is all you can do. Hopefully, we can execute a little better with some of the things we practiced.  Moving the basketball, we held the ball. You cannot hold the ball against a zone because it shifts. You have to move it, get it side-to-side, weak side, attack the close out, make the next pass, flatten it out. I thought in the second half, we got inside a little better. We got it below the free throw line. You cannot attack the zone from the Wildcat, they just stand there and laugh at you. That is something I have to help them do a better job of.”

Guard Justin Edwards 
On having personal success against Iowa State…
“We just know what they do defensively. We had a lot of plans for man defense against them that we know worked against them in the past and other teams. They just went zone and basically changed it all up. We know they cannot foul, so getting to the basket is what I wanted to do today.”

On coming out flat…
“I thought after the win Tuesday, I thought we would have had a lot more energy and be happy to face another ranked team in our home gym again, but obviously, we came out flat and we cannot give really good teams that much of a lead; it is hard to come back.”

On moving forward with a young team…
“We cannot panic. I know we are going to bounce back and get our wins. We need to be composed and get in the gym and work, get in practice and work. We are going to keep getting better. We are almost there, and we just need to get over that hump and once we do, we will be fine.”

Iowa State Head Coach Steve Prohm
On controlling the game….
“I thought we were in good control. We led most of the first half once we got out of the little hole. Monte [Morris] had a shot at the end of the half to go up by nine that was big. Georges [Niang] made a three to go up eight out of the timeout when it got cut to five, then we got two buckets at the rim. Our guys did a great job, I am proud of them. Now, we got to move on to the next game. We have 18 games in this league, 13 more. There is a long way to go, so we just have to stay the course.”

On Jordan Ashton getting more playing time…
“You debate in coaches meetings who is going to be the seventh guy. When you had Naz [Nazareth Mitrou-Long] you really were not thinking about him at all. You lose Naz, so Hallice [Cooke] role increases a little bit. Early in preseason, Jordan [Ashton] was kind of there, then he did not play well in stretches and kind of lost confidence. He has stayed the course, he is in the gym shooting. You have to be ready when your number is called. He played 19 minutes, five point and he defended. There are one or two things I will say to him that he could do better. But for him to come out and give us that kind of effort in 20 minutes on the road like this in a back against the wall game really speaks volumes about the kid. I am just happy for him that he was ready.  Now what that does, is it gets him another opportunity.”

On what was different than last two games ….
“I thought timely scoring in the second half. If you are watching the game, you can see that we were a lot more patient. The ball went side to side several times and ended up breaking down the defense and we got paint touches. That is something that we have not done and something that I am trying to stress. We can really score the basketball. We almost got to 80 points playing that way. We just have to continue to do that. In certain situations, we need to slow the tempo down. We still had a couple turnovers that led to baskets, but if we control our shot selection and get ball reversal at times that is going to keep us off defense a little bit. In the Baylor game, we played well for 30 minutes. I will take a little bit of the blame for that, because the last seven minutes, I should have slowed them down against the Baylor defense. The Texas game we really lost in the last three minutes of the first half. I have learned a lot in my short time in this league, and we just have to continue to get better each day. But to come here and win like this in double figures, it shows that we are not going to let people push us out and say that Iowa State is done this year.”  

Forward Georges Niang
On responding to K-State run…
“I think the biggest thing is when your point guard can make plays like he [Monte Morris] can, it is just reassuring. You can throw the ball in to him, run down the court, get to your spot and know that he is going to get you in the offense. I think the biggest thing is we just had guys really step up. Coach [Steve Prohm] was asking us how we were going to act when our back was against the wall and I feel like we responded.”

On zone defense….
“I feel like we exploited some of the things they do not do very well in that zone. I think that we could have done a better job of rebounding, or I could have done a better job of rebounding, but we came out with the win and that is all you can ask.”

Guard Monte Morris 
On improvement over last two games …
“I think we stayed together. When they made runs, we always huddled up and kept our composure. I think when we are like this, I do not think anybody can beat us. When we focus I feel like we play well and respond well to adversity. We know how to win and we got a win on the road. We got a tough Oklahoma team coming in. We are going to soak this one up, watch film and get better. Now that we are together, I feel like we are on a roll a little bit.”

On win after losing last two game…
“I think, in any sport, once you have taken a couple losses it is tough. I feel like if you are competitive enough you are going to try and do anything you can to get a win. Tonight, I feel like all of our guys, even guys that did not play, they were together. They were locked in during huddles, so I feel like that was good.”