Postgame Quotes

Kansas State Head coach Bruce Weber
On Kansas' key players….
“They have so many different weapons. [Devonte’] Graham and [Perry] Ellis the last couple of weeks have played as well as anyone in the country. To me, if they win the league, Ellis should be player of the year. I know Buddy [Hield] is maybe National Player of the Year, but I think Perry should be Player of the Year. If you win the league and if you take your team to the championship, you should be the MVP, that is what it is about. You have Frank [Mason III] who is a warrior. It seems like they are pretty unselfish and play together. One game it is one guy and the next it is another. They do not seem to have much jealousy. You got a lot of guys that can make plays and when their guys come off the bench that makes a big difference. Turnover points and the bench points were probably the difference for us in winning and losing.”
On Stephen Hurt and Justin Edwards…
“Stephen had a great game at their place. It was, I think, his career in minutes that night. He had 28 [minutes] and had a double-double. After that, his knee was bothering him, and he has not had as good of production and he has struggled. I am happy for him that he came back and played with great energy and fought and almost had a double-double again. Obviously the three’s gave us a chance and got us back in the game along with D.J. [Johnson]’s plays and Justin’s plays at the hoop. I am happy for him and I am happy for Justin too. I just told him before the game, go do the things you do. Go rebound and worry about that stuff. I thought Justin was much more determined and played strong.”

On playing without Kamau Stokes….
“Obviously, and I am not making excuses, it would be nice to have Kamau. If you take Frank [Mason III] out of there, you take [Devonte’] Graham out of there, it is a whole different thing. Kamau is not even in their league right now, but he gives you a point guard – someone that can direct and make plays. Our guys have done a nice job. Justin [Edwards] even brought it up today and got it into D.J. [Johnson] a few times. Wesley [Iwundu] did it a few times and Barry [Brown]. There is no doubt we have had our chances and you have to have playmakers. We make the run, Graham [makes a move] on D.J. and pops up, swish. We had our chances and we did not come up with it.”

Senior Guard Justin Edwards
On mindset moving forward…
“I am just focusing on Texas. That is our next game and our next task at hand. I am just focused on them, getting back in the gym tomorrow and preparing for them.”

On Big 12 schedule…
“Obviously it is a tough schedule. Every single team in the Big 12 is good. There are no easy teams, so it has just been up and down. We just have to be consistent and play hard and good things will happen.”

On losing close games…
“Obviously, it sucks. I feel like when we spot teams a lot of points like that it is hard to come back. Especially good teams, so we just have to stop spotting them so many points, and I think we will be fine.”

Senior Forward Stephen Hurt
On second half comeback…
“I feel like with this team, we are never going to give up. We are always going to keep fighting. Nobody is going to give up out there. We just listened to Coach [Weber] and we executed really well in that stretch. We cut it to three and had our chance, so we just have to execute a little bit better and cut down on the turnovers and defensive miscues and we will be fine.”

On Sandstorm playing late in the game…
“Everybody was hype. But me personally, I just tried to stay grounded. Even though we were on a run, we still had work to do. In the end, we did not close it out, but it was great to have the crowd going. We appreciate what the fans do for us. They get us going and get us juiced. I just wish we could have got the win.”

On losing close games…
“We are a fighting team. We are going to keep doing what we have to do. Listening to coach, working hard in practice. We just have to finish the game out. We need to cut out the other teams runs and just execute better.”

Kansas Head coach Bill Self
On K-State players wanting a court storm…
“I think it is fine that they made mention of [Brannen Greene’s] dunk. The home team uses whatever motivation they can. Trust me, we will do the same thing. I think that registers more with fans than it does with players at least on the opposing side. I do think we can use a lot of things as motivation. Last year’s court storming was motivation for us. You can always take something and spin it. We really did not have to do that.”

On makeshift lineup of players…
“We actually played really well for about 28 minutes, and got up 17 [points]. Then, we made some of the most bonehead plays that led to fouls for Jamari [Traylor] and Landen [Lucas] and Perry [Ellis] was out. So, you are right, that was a makeshift lineup. I think Hunter [Mickelson] might have had the best defensive play of the game in the deflection that went off of D.J. [Johnson]. Jamari [Traylor] got a big dunk, Wayne [Selden Jr.] had an offensive rebound put back, and Devonte’ [Graham] who had a goose egg I think, makes the biggest shot of the game. So, it was makeshift, and we did not really have anything going for us at all in the last eight minutes or so. We did have guys step up and make enough plays.”

On Perry Ellis absence during long stretch…
“I think if we say it was really important, you take away from them playing well down the stretch. Whoever is in there has to step up, but we missed him. He got 12 stitches and the serious deal was when Wayne [Selden Jr.] scratched him in the eye. We will go back and have an eye doctor look at it – they are hoping it is just a scratch. If that is the case, he should be okay. If there is anything more than that, then who knows? We think he will be fine, but he does not feel very well right now.”

Junior Guard Frank Mason III
On winning at K-State for the first time in two years….
“It was very important for me and the guys. There are a couple of us that have not had a win here and we took that personal. We just came out and executed the game plan, doing the things coach wanted us to do to give us the best chance to win.” 

On having a two game lead in the Big 12…..
“We are in decent position, but we are not satisfied with where we are at. We are not satisfied with the team we are right now. We still need to get better. There are still a lot of things we could do better, definitely can get better on the defensive end. We are looking forward to a good team on Tuesday with Baylor. We will go practice tomorrow and Monday and then hopefully go over there and get the win.”

Junior Guard Wayne Selden, Jr.
On K-State’s comeback….
“Just getting stops was the biggest thing. We predicated on what we were doing by getting stops and playing good defense, and I feel like we did that for a large stretch of the game but then we got away from it. Then we did not take care of the ball.”

On playing without Perry Ellis in second half…..
“It gave them a little momentum and a lot more confidence. Then Landen (Lucas) was on the bench with foul trouble, Jamari (Traylor) was in foul trouble and it was kind of shaky at times, but we pulled it out and got stops. Then, Perry came back and that just made us feel more comfortable. Perry does not even have to do much but just have him out there.”