Postgame Quotes

Kansas State Head coach Bruce Weber
On his assessment of the teams’ performance …
“With all of the close games we have had, it was good for them to enjoy it. We played the game the right way and guarded well. I keep telling them that if we keep doing the right thing, then we will finish on a positive note.”

On going forward…
“The big thing is how we practice going forward. We have to start preparing for Texas Tech as well as getting ready for Oklahoma State next week. The big key is how to get confidence, the way to do that is to get in the gym. Coach [Alvin] Brooks found that the only reward for something good is to work harder, and that is what we need to understand. We have not been able to come back after big wins and play well the following game this year. If we come back with energy and emotion, we should have a good chance going forward.”

On the freshmen’s performance…
“It is too bad Dean [Wade] got in foul trouble, because he was feeling and playing better. Coach [Chester] Frazier and myself have been on Barry [Brown] recently. I thought he took a lot of good balanced shots. The freshmen have got a lot of valuable experience.”

Senior Guard Justin Edwards
On having fun with a big win….
“It was definitely fun, especially getting to see everyone getting in and having fun. Zach [Winter], Mason [Schoen], Ron [Freeman] and Brain Rohleder getting in and playing big minutes. It was just fun. I feel like we have lost a lot of close games this year and it has kind of been heartbreaking, but I feel like we needed this one to take some pressure off of us.”

On making nine straight shots to start the game….
“We have been working hard, getting in the gym to get extra shots. Just practicing hard like coach [Bruce Weber] said. We had our best practice this past week, so I feel like everyone’s confidence has increased. I feel like the players today played for us seniors and it just all fell into place.”

Senior Guard Brian Rohleder
On hitting first half buzzer beater on Senior Night….
“The whole night has been special for me and these two guys [Justin Edwards and Stephen Hurt]. At the end, I was not thinking anything. The clock was running ou,t and I needed to try and score the ball. It would have not even happened if Austin [Budke] for diving on the floor and playing hard, then kicking it to Wesley [Iwundu] who passed it to me, so if it was not for my teammates it would not have even happened. It was pretty cool that it did happen and it is something I will never forget.” 

On team keeping energy despite struggles…
“I think everybody has the same goal in mind and everybody is bought into the team, which is why I love this team so much. We do not stop fighting. We have had a lot of heartbreaks and a lot of other teams could have easily quit and not showed up to practice, but I will give it to this team. We have stuck to together and continue to fight through it. We just wanted to have fun.”

Senior Forward Stephen Hurt
On getting the win….
“It was great. It was great for us seniors to go out with a win in Bramlage and leave that memory here. Any win is great, and this one was probably one of the best ones we have had honestly. We are just trying to get this thing rolling headed into the Big 12 Tournament and Texas Tech this weekend, which is another big game, a high RPI team, it would be another great win for us.”

TCU Head coach Trent Johnson
On K-State freshmen….
“Barry Brown and Dean Wade are good players. They are not playing like freshman. For me, I saw K-State play against [North] Carolina and I knew they were going to be good this year. When you look at the amount of close games they have been in and lost, they could easily have five or six more wins. The future is bright for them. I like their young kids and Wesley [Iwundu] to me has always been a really good player. He does all the little things that do not show up in the box score in terms of making guys better and making the simple play. I would have liked for us to shoot the ball better. I would have liked for us to have one more man out there. I played Karviar (Shepherd) too long – he has some back problems, but I had to play him. We will have tomorrow off – a very much needed day off – and then we will come back Friday and go as long as we can, probably like an hour and get ready for one of the best teams in the country in Oklahoma.”

On shots not falling…
“I thought our guys did a good job. In college basketball, any kid that is on the offensive and the ball does not go down for them, it affects the way they play on the other end. That has always been the history of the game but certain guys are different. For us, I thought the guys kept fighting. They got frustrated, which they should have. They kept fighting and they did a decent job. Predicated by what you see in the box score, 11 assists and 12 turnovers. We got dominated on the glass by Baylor but tonight we competed.”

On K-State knocking down early shots….
“I thought the main thing was that we did not do a good job of getting to shooters. We would over help and Wesley would throw it up top to Barry. They shot it well. Senior night is one of those nights, and the ball went in for them. That is basketball, it just happens. Without looking at the tape, I thought we did a decent job. When you look at some of those guys that were making shots and their percentages do not add up. That is just the way it happens sometimes.”