Postgame Quotes: K-State 45, KU 14

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder
On how special getting a win against Kansas is:
"It means an awful lot, I have been on the other end of it, and so you don't like that. I appreciate all the people in the state of Kansas. Everybody has a side and it means a lot to so many people. It means a lot to KU people just like it means a lot to Kansas State  people, so therefore that makes it very meaningful to me for that reason, because our people care so much.
On if the win was satisfying to him:
"Well I think the first half was satisfying, can't say the same for the second half. I'm glad we won, we played well enough to do so, that was a plus."
On the significance of getting to a fast start:
"That's always significant, but it's been awhile. We got off to good starts against Oklahoma State and TCU but we didn't put two halves back-to-back and to beat a good football team, you have to do that."
On the identity of the team:

"Well, we are a team that's hasn't put two halves together yet. We need to start being consistent and finish, we haven't done that. Now we have played so well at times and that's a plus, but just being able to do it over and over again, snap after snap, is important to be a good football team."
On the adjustment the defense made after allowing first touchdown:
"Well I think it was because they didn't throw that same route again that scored on us, that's probably the biggest thing. Again, If you don't play well at all your not a good team. If you play well some of the time you're an average team and if you play well all the time you're a good team. We need to be a good team and we're capable of being a good team and that's what I take away from this ball game. We need to put it all together half after half, play after play."
Kansas State sophomore LB Elijah Lee
On KSU's improvement in the last two games:
"We are making a lot of improvement. We came out and made a big statement in the first two quarters (today), and then we just need to work to put the other quarters together."
What next week's West Virginia game means:
"We have to go out and play tough, there are no regrets and there are no mistakes. You have to go out and get it."
Kansas State senior DB Morgan Burns
On his interception:
"It felt good, with it being a rivalry game and all, and with me being a Kansas kid it was fun getting an interception. I was excited."
On how big were the two special teams plays:
"I think that really sparked the whole team and sparked both sides of the ball offensively and defensively. I'm glad coach (Bill) Snyder and coach Sean Snyder do a really good job emphasizing special teams because they can really change the course of the game and I think it set the tempo for the rest of the game."
Kansas State junior QB Joe Hubener
On scoring first in the game:
"It was huge. It was a big goal of ours to get off to the right start offensively and put some points on the board early and hold them off the rest of the game."
On winning the Sunflower Showdown:
"It is huge, being a Kansas kid, this is the game you always look forward to. This is the game you want to win more than any other game, and seeing the governor in the locker room presenting the Governor's cup, that's huge it's a good feeling for me personally and I think for the rest of the team as well."
On doing nothing fancy on offense just running the ball:
"That's about what it was, we didn't try and do too much for the most part, we tried to just take what they were giving us and people executed well. Our offensive line did a great job blocking up front creating some good holes to run through."