Q&A (Christmas!) Special with Blake Slaughter

On the field, Slaughter leads the Wildcats with 103 tackles, the fourth most in the Big 12. He was recently named to the 2013 Associated Press All-Big 12 second team, and will be looked to as an impact player on the field as the Wildcats are set to take on Michigan in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl on Dec. 28 in Tempe, Ariz.
Sports Extra: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
Blake Slaughter: My favorite Christmas tradition is one my family and I do around this time, the song is This Christmas and we just sit around the living room, listen to that song and hang out, take pictures. So that's one that I'll always remember.
Sports Extra: What's one of the coolest presents you got when you were a kid?
Blake Slaughter: When I was 16 I got a 1998 Honda Civic and, I was so excited. I remember walking outside and it had a big bow around it. I loved it; it was a great gift.
Sports Extra: Are you a Christmas sweater fan?
Blake Slaughter: I'm not (laughing). I think this year I might go out and find a Christmas sweater and rock it that day so I think there's some people on campus doing that.
Sports Extra: What's your favorite Christmas song?
Blake Slaughter: I really like This Christmas, but I also like Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, and then I know a lot of people like the Chris Brown Christmas album that he made a few weeks ago, so I like that one too.
Sports Extra: This question comes from Preston on Twitter and Preston asks, 'Blake, if you could ride any reindeer, who would it be and why?'
Blake Slaughter: (laughing) Well, since I'm a linebacker I guess it would have to go with Blitzen. I'd ride with Blitzen. It sounds like he goes hard, so I'd have to stick with him.
Sports Extra: Fake tree or real tree?
Blake Slaughter: I'm going to have to go with fake tree, I don't like picking up all those pine needles after the season is over. I'm kind of one of those people who likes to put it up, get it down and get it done. 
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