Q&A with K-State Baseball Senior Ross Kivett

So far this season, Kivett is batting .323 (21-for-65) with 5 doubles, one home run and 12 RBI, and he earned his first career Big 12 Player of the Week award on March 3, after batting .500 (6-for-12) in the Wildcats' 3-0 weekend in Abilene, Texas. After leading his team to one of the greatest seasons in K-State baseball history last year, Kivett was named the 2013 Big 12 Player of the Year and has high hopes to continue that success into this season.
The Wildcats are 11-7 and on a 10-game winning streak after sweeping Northern Colorado yesterday in Tointon Family Stadium. For a full recap of yesterday's doubleheader against Northern Colorado, click here.
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This month's Q&A with K-State baseball's Ross Kivett:
Sports Extra: What is your favorite part about being a student-athlete at K-State?
Kivett: I think my favorite part about it is my teammates and my coaches, just putting in the work like we did today and the competition stuff, but I like walking on campus and people knowing you, and I appreciate the fan support outside. You can't even go to Chipotle anymore without fans saying, 'Hello,' and I think that's pretty cool.
Sports Extra: When you're not out here playing baseball. What is something people can find you doing?
Kivett: I play a lot of video games during the season because I'm kind of beat up with the grind. I beat up on Alex Bee, Lance Miles on their online games. NCAA Football, a little FIFA - I'm pretty much undefeated in FIFA against Bee. Other things? I like to read a little bit. I like to blog and pretty much watch TV. I'm not that exciting, I don't hunt or fish or do anything cool. I go to movies sometimes or watch Netflix.
Sports Extra: Do you have any hidden talents?
Kivett: Hidden talents, hmm, well I know I joke about this but I really was a pretty good poet in high school. I can blog, but I don't know, I guess my hidden talents are air guitar, shower singing, NCAA Football 2014 and '12, and I'm undefeated in NHL 2014, but nothing that's going to get me paid or anything.
Sports Extra: What are your goals for the remainder of your career here at K-State, and have we seen the best of Ross Kivett yet? 
Kivett: No, not this year. There's adjustments that need to be made, and I'm making them, and that's team-wise too. We had a slow start, and I kind of threw it out there that if you didn't want to be a part of this, then you didn't have to be. But we weren't playing well at 1-7. Personally, I kind of got away from what I was good at. Now (I'm) focusing at stealing bases and getting on base and letting the guys behind me drive me in. That's what the plan is.
Sports Extra: Now we'll go to the Social Media questions... Cole Carmody on Twitter asks, "Any advice to young ball players trying to become great?"
Kivett: The best advice that I've ever received was if you respect the game, it usually pays you back. What I mean by that is, play it really hard and give it everything you've got because you never know what could be your last pitch. Arizona State center fielder Cory Hahn, who I had the pleasure of playing with in a summer tournament once, he's paralyzed from the neck down because he slid into a base. You never know when the game's going to spit you out or what's going to happen. So I try to play every pitch like it's my last pitch and it's worked out so far, but I think if you respect the game and you play it hard you have a good chance of continuing to play.
Sports Extra: Pepe Meza on Facebook asks, "Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?"
Kivett: I don't have any superstitions, but rituals, I do kind of stay in the same routine. I like to do the same thing when I get on the field, drink the ion water that I drink, stretch the same way and pretty much hit in the same hitting group. Now that I play center field, I take the same amount of fly balls, and whatever that day has for me. If it's a tough wind day, I'll work on that, but no headphones for me. No one sock before the other, no 'I wash my clothes every game" - nothing crazy like that.
Sports Extra: And finally Ross Jensby on Twitter asks: Is the name Ross a great name or the greatest name? 
Kivett: It's the greatest name ever. It's kind of got a mix of exotic, because no one is ever named Ross, but then it's kind of got a little bit of familiarity with the show 'Friends.' So everybody knows it, but I like it... what a name.