Q&A with K-State Women's Basketball Senior Katya Leick

Midway through her senior campaign, Leick is averaging 8.2 points and 4.7 rebounds per game to go along with her 13 steals. Since the start of Big 12 play, Leick has found comfort playing at home as she has averaged 13.7 points per game in Bramlage Coliseum since Jan. 2.
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Sports Extra: What's your favorite part about being a student-athlete at K-State?
Leick: I would say the support of the community and the fans. After a big win or even just out and about in the town people are like 'Oh, great win,' or 'Can I get your autograph,' or, 'How are you doing? Good job.' Just the all around support that K-State brings, the community is fantastic
Sports Extra: Some of your best games lately have been here on the court of Bramlage Coliseum. What is it about playing at home that really sparks you and gets you going?
Leick: Once again, I would say our fans, the energy that they bring is fantastic. It's that sixth man that I couldn't be more excited about having out there and hearing them cheer. My teammates and my coaches, we have a goal and you've got to play well to meet those goals.
Sports Extra: When you're not on the court playing basketball, what can people find you doing?
Leick: Well I like to hang out at home a lot, hang out with friends. I'm really big into Modern Family; it is my show. I'm really big into comedy shows, hanging out and laughing. Oh, and cooking. I love to cook and bake. So I'm either in the kitchen or watching Modern Family.
Sports Extra: With this team right now, who has surprised you the most, who has stepped up and impressed you so far?
Leick: Well I think everyone is doing a really great job. Bre Lewis has improved so much just as a whole, as a post, and Ashia (Woods) has been killing it out there which is really, really great coming off that Achilles (injury). Leti (Romero), as a freshman, is a leader out there and is doing really great as a point guard. I think everyone has come to the table and done a really great job. I'm impressed with everybody.
Sports Extra: Who's the funniest girl on the team?
Leick: Haley. Haley Texada is the funniest one, you'll always catch her cracking jokes, and Bre Lewis, she's the one that you wouldn't expect she comes off a little quiet but all of a sudden she'll hit you with a joke and you'll be crying it's so funny.
Sports Extra: Bre Lewis? I wouldn't have taken her as such a funny person.
Leick: Yes she is a jokester and you wouldn't have expected it. She's so funny.
Sports Extra: If someone were to turn on your iPod right now, what song would be playing?
Leick: Right now it would be something by Drake because I just downloaded all the Drake songs, but I really enjoy a lot of different types of music from India.Arie to Drake to just about anything. The only thing you won't catch me listening to is polka, I'm sorry, I'm not a polka fan.
Sports Extra: That's alright, I think we'll forgive you for that one. So now, finally, for the remainder of your time at K-State, what are some of your goals? Have fans seen the best from Katya Leick yet?
Leick: I would hope the answer would be no. Every day I want to bring something new to the table from practice to games. I want to improve because I want our team to do well and I want to get wins. So, I hope to keep bringing energy, keep bringing points and keep bringing anything that my team would need for me to do. That's what I'd like to bring to the table.