Q&A With Madison Talley and Katherine Gravel-Coursol

Sophomores on the K-State women's golf team, Talley and Gravel-Coursol have been quick to make an impact on the course for the Wildcats. 
"They are our sophomores, and they are a pair," said Wildcat head coach Kristi Knight. "Madison has had a super solid year, and Katherine always has a smile on her face; she's not afraid to try anything."
Competing in all five events for the Cats during and exciting fall season, Talley led the team with five top-20 finishers and seven rounds of even or under par. In the spring, she paces the squad with a 73.81 stroke average. Competing in each of the Wildcats' four events this spring, Talley's best finish came at the Mountain View Collegiate Invitational where she tied for 14th after carding 1-under par 215 to help Wildcats to a spring-best third place finish. 
Gravel-Coursol has also competed in all four of K-State's events this spring. Her best finish was at the BYU Entrada Classic where she carded a 10-over par 226 to tie for 25th. 
"They're entertaining; they're something else," laughed Knight in an interview earlier this month. "Katherine is a red-headed, left-handed French Canadian, and Madison is from Arkansas. They are a big part of the successes we've had this year."
With that being said, here's a look at Talley and Gravel-Coursol had to say:
Sports Extra: To start off, I'm going to have each of you introduce the other.
Madison Talley: Well Katherine is from Quebec, Canada. She's majoring in advertisement with a minor in horticulture. It's a very interesting story but we shouldn't get it not it now.
Katherine Gravel-Coursol: Madison is from Clarksville, Arkansas. She's an English major. She wants to be a coach, so she is also doing a major in education, and her favorite color is black.
SE: Coach Knight told me that when you first met, each of you thought the other was kind of, well, weird?
MT: We had our first visit together and when we first met, I thought, 'Oh she's weird, I don't know if we'll get along.' Then, we get to school and, she doesn't have a car, so we carpooled everywhere. The first day there was no talking, then we eventually were just talking non stop. It's really developed and it's really funny how we're so different, but we really make such great friends.
SE: How have you enjoyed being roommates?
KGC: It goes really well. At first it was really different because I wake up really early and she can wake up at like 10 or 11! (both laugh) So, sometimes I just go knock on her door and say, 'Madison, it's time to wake up!' But we get along really well and even though we're always together, our friendship just keeps going. We've never gotten tired of one another. It's great, and when we start cleaning, we just go on and on for the entire day. We have a good thing.
SE: Who is the messier roommate?
KGC: Madison.
MT: Me, for sure! I always shut my door and she'll peek in and look at it, so I'm like, 'I'll clean it eventually! I promise!'
SE: You guys are teammates, roommates and friends. Overall, what percentage of your time would you say you spend together?
KGC: 80 or 90 percent, at least. (laughs)
MT: The only time we're not together is when I'm on one side of the house and she's on the other side of the house and when we're sleeping; other than that we're together all the time.
SE: Do you spend a lot of time practicing on the course together?
KGC: We do. We have this inside joke because Madison drives me everywhere, so when she drives me to practice, she'll say, 'Katherine, what are you doing today?' I'll say, 'I'm going to chip, putt a little bit,' and she says, 'Well I'm following you!' We usually stick together.
SE: Has having the other person there made you a better golfer?
MT: I would say so. Coming into it, her short game was way better than mine. I really like it because I've kind of adapted some of her practices to my own game. When we play, we encourage each other. We're really good at keeping each other positive.
KGC: I would say the same. I like to ask her, 'What would you do in this situation?' Our goal is to be better every day, so when we share that together, that's been helpful.
SE: This year's women's golf team is pretty special. Coming off of the best fall season in school history and having the opportunity to do some great things this spring, what would you say has made this team so successful?
KGC: I think we just get a long really well. When we step on the course, we know we have the ability to play well. We were able to put it all together last fall and in the spring also. We just have that chemistry. Everybody gets along and everybody wants to do well.
MT: The article that came out this morning in the K-State Sports Extra kind of put it in perfect words. We've taken all these individual players and we've come together as one team. That's really hard to do with golf, but when you do, it works. I think that's what our success has come from.
SE: What is the best part about being a student-athlete at K-State?
MT: She'll probably say the same thing as me, but the family atmosphere is great. It's awesome to connect with everyone. Everyone cheers us on, so I'd say the family and the connectedness.
KGC: I would say the same. K-State is similar to where I am from; I've enjoyed every part of it. It's so great when we got to tournaments and we have the opportunity to meet other people who came to K-State. They ask us to take pictures, and sometimes they don't really know us but they keep track of us. So being supported like that on top of the opportunities we have as student athletes, it's great.

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