Q&A with Women's Basketball Forward Bre Lewis

Lewis leads K-State this season in scoring at 12.3 points per game, rebounding at 5.4 per game to go along with a team-high 56 blocks. Her 56 blocks are the second most in the Big 12 and are seventh in the nation. Against Kansas, Lewis' eight blocks broke the single-game school record. The 6-foot-5 forward from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is currently seventh on the school record list for most blocks in a season and needs 30 more to hold the overall record on her own. 
Here's a look at K-State Sports Extra's conversation with Lewis:
Sports Extra: How has Big 12 play been so far?
Bre Lewis: Right now, Big 12 play has been really tough. It requires a lot and it's been way more physical. It's been way more physical, and I feel like it's been a lot more competition, so it's been an adjustment.
SE: Has the intensity risen at all in practices during conference competition?
BL: The intensity in practice has picked up a lot; we're doing more reps, more running just so we can stay with the pace of the Big 12. It's definitely been a lot more intense.
SE: What are you, personally, working on lately?
BL: I feel like lately I haven't been consistent with the way I play, so I'm just working on consistency and bringing something to the table that my team can count on me for. Right now, I'm just focused on being decisive, being decisive with my moves, and I'm also working on rebounding. I've been lacking on a lot of rebounds, so I'm trying to work on that too.
SE: You've reached double figures ten times this season and had your first double-double at Oklahoma State. What has that done for your confidence? 
BL: I try to, whether we're having a bad game or not, I try to score as much as I can for my teammates. It's helped me a lot knowing that I can score even if we're having a bad game.
SE: Which teammate has improved the most since Big 12 play started?
BL: I would say Shaelyn (Martin). Since the beginning of the season, she has always been a good player, but since the beginning of Big 12 play, she's getting more toughness and more understanding of how she should play and has to play in the Big 12. She's improved. 
SE: How long have you been playing basketball?
BL: I've been playing basketball since the fifth grade.
SE: What is your favorite thing about the game? 
BL: I just like the thrill of people cheering for you when you score. I like being on the floor and cheering for your teammates. I like the fans, the environment and that adrenaline rush when it's a close game and it's basket for basket.
SE: If you could describe your playing style in one word, what would that be?
BL: In one word, I would have to say... that's a hard one. My playing style in one word? It would probably be: competitive. 
SE: What are you majoring in?
BL: I'm majoring in kinesiology because I like sports and the body, so with it I could either do a path learning about the body or dealing with sports and the body. I just know I like science.
SE: What's your favorite food?
BL: I like pizza.
SE: Do you have any hidden talents?
BL: None at all, just basketball. I can play volleyball too, but I guess that's about it.
SE: What's your favorite movie?
BL: The Parent Trap, the newer one.
SE: What's your best memory so far at K-State?
BL: When we played KU in the Big 12 Tournament (March 7, 2014), and I scored the buzzer beater. I didn't know it, I thought we lost, but everybody was cheering and we ended up going in to overtime. 
SE: What's the part about being a student-athlete at K-State?
BL: You get to meet other student-athletes and interact with them, and also, people around campus love you.
SE: Finally, what would you want people to remember you for after your career at K-State?
BL: For having the most blocked shots in the Big 12 and for just being a good defender.

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