Postgame Quotes vs. South Dakota

Head Coach Jeff Mittie
Opening statement…
“I do not really know where to begin. It did not start off really well. I am concerned with how much we want to come out, hate to use a boxing term, but throwing the first blow. I feel like I am constantly wanting them to play harder right now, and that is driving me crazy. We had foul trouble early. I did not like our focus early in this game. We threw it inside eight times to the post players and did not take a shot in the first five minutes of the game. We had eight touches inside that resulted in no shots. Eight times, that is a hard thing to do, but our start is concerning. Then we had a great run. We gave up a lot of points quick and we scored some quick. Our offense is doing some decent things, but I am real concerned with our defense. I think all those players in that locker room have to ask themselves what they can improve on defense and if it matters. At some point you have to ask if it really matters. Are you taking pride in stopping the other team? So far, we have been a rollercoaster on that end of the floor.”

On Kindred Wesemann’s play
“I think Kindred [Wesemann] is the one player that will jump up and get rebounds on the other end. We had three players glued to the floor and we have our smallest player down there fighting crazy for the ball and I need some others in there. I do not think anyone questions how hard Kindred plays and competes. That play was a big play early in the game and I think it got her going offensively.”

On Breanna Lewis’ second half game…
“I have got to take a look at some film. I have not liked her focus early in the game. There have been too many fouls and I feel like she is playing weak early in the game. I think she has got to get more aggressive and take a look at some things. I think her focus on not fouling has got to get better. We have played three teams who want to get the ball in the middle of the zone and drive it and she has gotten way too aggressive in giving up some bumps and some positioning. I feel like we have addressed it in practice, but it is up to those guys to make the adjustment.”

On South Dakota’s shooting percentages…
“It certainly was unbelievable tonight. It was not coming into this, but when you get your player of the year back and [Nicole] Seekamp back, who is a player that is very talented and makes their team relax a lot. The shooters were able to stay where they needed to and she was able to take a lot of the attention and make the right read. Tonight, [Caitlin] Duffy was shooting great and [Kelly] Stewart was shooting well and we seemed to be questioning our rotations. My frustration is that we seem to be questioning a lot on the defensive end.”

Head Coach Amy Williams
On transformation from previous games…

“I thought we did a good job at getting back to Coyote basketball and kind of doing some things that we do well. We did a great job on the boards and that gave us some second chances. We passed the ball, we shared the ball and we had 22 assists, which is a lot more characteristic of our team. 25 turnovers is not going to win you very many ball games. I thought we had some mental lapses there – especially in the third quarter. They had a big third quarter and scored 28 points.”

On Nicole Seekamp first game back
“She made a huge impact. Nicole wishes she could have some plays back and is not proud of the eight turnovers. It was really nice to have her back. I do think she sparked us a lot on the offensive end.”