Rowing Strong at San Diego Crew Classic

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Kansas State’s 1V8 made the Grand Final for the second-straight season, while the 2V8 and 1V4 each made the Petite Final as the rowing team closed out competition at the San Diego Crew Classic on Sunday. 

“I think it was an up-and-down weekend,” head coach Patrick Sweeney said. “I thought we raced really well on Saturday. We took a step forward, but on Sunday we did not take that next step.”

The 1V8, consisting of coxswain Meaghan Kuzmich and rowers Marissa Butrum, Noelle Dykmann, Mary Rose Eakes, Kayla Brock, Samantha Bendrick, Ariana Thompson, Erin Roeser and Madi Haney recorded an impressive result on Saturday, finishing in second place in the second heat to qualify for the Grand Finals with a time of 6:59.325, just behind Miami who took first place with a time of 6:52.121. 

During the Grand Finals, the Wildcats finished in sixth place with a final time of 7:27.084. Miami won the Grand Finals, recording a time of 7:11.845. 

In the Wildcats’ second race on Saturday, the 2V8 consisting of coxswain Courtney Faucett and rowers Chelsea Goble, Ashley Houser, Courtney Cooke, Courtney Winkley, Selena Wapelhorst, Jordan Lund, Kennedy Felice and Elaina Grantham, recorded a fourth place finish on Saturday with a time of 7:13.456 to qualify for the Petite Finals. 

During Sunday’s race, the 2V8 recorded a time of 7:13.456 to finish in fifth place behind champions Tennessee (7:50.443), Gonzaga (7:54.638), Sacramento State (8:05.089) and UC-San Diego (8:08.991). 

K-State’s final boat to race on Saturday, the 1V4, also recorded a third-place finish with a time of 8:15.496 to qualify for the Petite Final. The boat’s time was two seconds in front of Saint Mary’s A boat, which finished with a time of 8:17.710 to take fourth. 

Led by coxswain Samantha Scott and rowers Jessica Kuhlman, Kelsey Eagleman, Laura Clement and Regan Simpson, the boat finished the competition with a fifth place finish in the Petite Final with a time of 8:21.995.  

The Wildcats now have two weeks to prepare for its next race, which will take place on April 16 and 17 at the SIRA Championship Regatta in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

Sweeney believes that the team is close to being where it needs to be as they head into the final stretch of the schedule.  

“All the parts for us to be successful are there,” Sweeney added. “Their technique is there. They have good fitness and good strength. Once we put everything together we will begin to get much faster. We just have to be determined to do it.”

More information on the regatta can be found on the SIRA website by clicking here. 

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San Diego Crew Classic
Mission Bay
San Diego, Calif. 

K-State Results
1.  Miami A – 6:52.121; 2. K-State A – 6:59.325; 3. George Washington A – 7:00.987; 4. Saint Mary’s (Calif.) A  - 7:07.387; 5. UC San Diego A – 7:13.775; 6. Santa Clara A – 7:26.643

1. Texas A – 7:35.204; 2. UCLA A – 7:44.344; 3. K-State A – 8:15.496; 4. Saint Mary’s (Calif) – 8:17.710; 5. SDSU A – 8:21.786

1. Texas A – 6:50.498; 2. Gonzaga A – 6:55.836; 3. UCLA A – 6:58.164; 4. K-State – 7:13.456; 5. Miami A – 7:19.462; 6. Saint Mary’s (Calif.) A – 7:39.400; 7. Humboldt State A – 7:49.560

2V8 (Petite Final)
1. San Diego A – 6:58.659; 2. UCLA A – 6:59.147; 3. Tennessee A – 7:02.176; 4. British Columbia A – 7:09.643; 5. Sacramento State A – 7:11.615; 6. K-State A – 7:16.325 

2V4 (Petite Final)
1. Tennessee A – 7:50.443; 2. Gonzaga A – 7:54.638; 3. Sacramento State A – 8:05.089; 4. UC-San Diego A – 8:08.991; 5. K-State A – 8:21.995; 6. Saint Mary’s (Calif.) – 8:23.677

1V8 (Grand Final)
1. Miami A – 7:11.845; 2. Tennessee A – 7:19.547; 3. Loyola Marymount A – 7:22.642; 4. Old Dominion A – 7:26.306; 5. SDSU A – 7:27.069; 6. K-State A – 7:27.084

C Meaghan Kuzmich
8 Marissa Butrum
7 Noelle Dykmann
6 Mary Rose Eakes
5 Kayla Brock
4 Samantha Bendrick
3 Ariana Thompson
2 Erin Roeser
1 Madi Haney

C Courtney Faucett
8 Chelsea Goble
7 Ashley Houser
6 Courtney Cooke
5 Courtney Winkley
4 Selena Wapelhorst
3 Jordan Lund
2 Kennedy Felice
1 Elaina Grantham

C Samantha Scott
4 Jessica Kuhlman
3 Kelsey Eagleman
2 Laura Clement
1 Regan Simpson