SE: K-State’s Spring Game the Final Chance to Impress Before Fall

(Spring Game Details: Here.)

Compared to a traditional practice, K-State head coach Bill Snyder doesn’t put any more stock into individual performances at the Wildcats’ annual Purple/White Spring Game. But he doesn’t put in any less weight into it, either. He evaluates it like every other practice — a high honor considering Snyder’s emphasis on preparation. 

“I don’t believe in that thing where players just show up on game day. I believe in the other aspect of it. I believe it’s what you do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday that prepares you the best and makes you a part of a team process, rather than the guy who doesn’t do much during the week and just shows up and plays,” said Snyder, whose team will scrimmage in front of fans on Saturday at 1:10 p.m. “When we have our game on Saturday, I will assess that and evaluate that, as will our other coaches, exactly the same as we would any other full-scale practice with a scrimmage involved.”

In Tuesday’s press conference, when the Wildcats were through 12 practices, Snyder praised the play of his defense, which he said had “caught up with the offense.” 

Part of the defense’s progress, he added, stems from seeing the same offensive plays over and over, while a number of injuries have played a part as well. Still, Snyder was pleased about the improvement his defense has made. 

“Our back end is playing well right now. I like our coverage. There are certain aspects of it that I’m a little disappointed in, but collectively I think our coverage has been enhanced. Our interior defensive line has done a nice job. I like the play of our linebackers. I think our guys are flying around better,” he said. “I believe we’re tackling better than at any time at this stage of going through spring and getting ready to go into fall.”

Offensively, each position group has areas to improve upon, Snyder said, that will collectively better the team’s efficiency with the ball. 

“We have to improve upon virtually everything that we’re doing. I think there’s elements by position that are significant because they will pyramid into the total execution of our offense,” he said. “We’ve got to throw it a little bit better. We’ve got to catch it a little bit better. We’ve got to block a little bit better. It’s pretty basic stuff but the game can’t be played without the basics.”
Sophomore quarterback Alex Delton, who will lead the number one offense with Jesse Ertz rehabbing an injury, said the offense has made significant strides from the beginning of spring. Saturday is another chance to prove it. 

“From the offense, I want to see us managing the ball, limiting turnovers and not allowing a lot of offensive penalties. I want to air the ball out and run the ball physically as well. I want the all-around offense to click and show what we can do,” Delton said. “Offensively, we have moved positively. This final week of spring practices, we can look back and be excited about the things that we did. Going into the summer and fall, we can work on the things that we need to improve.” 

While Saturday offers players their final chance this spring to impress coaches, it also allows fans the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the team they will pack Bill Snyder Family Stadium for in the fall. 

“I hope for a fun experience for the team and the fans,” junior linebacker Sam Sizelove said. “The opportunity to play the game in front of the fans and my family is probably going to be the most exciting thing.”
“I’m really excited. We have some great fans here. We’re anxious to go out and compete and switch it up a little bit from our typical practice routine. Running out in front of the fans and the tunnel, it’s something different and we’re all looking forward to doing that,” redshirt freshman quarterback Skylar Thompson added. “It’s going to be a humbling experience.” 

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