SE: Q&A (Holiday!) Special with K-State Women’s Basketball

Following last night’s 84-45 win over Western Illinois, the Wildcat women’s basketball team is now spending time at home for the holidays. Junior center Breanna Lewis and senior guard Antoinette Taylor are two basketball players filled with holiday spirit, and were chosen for this month’s K-State Sports Extra Q&A Holiday Special. From their favorite holiday traditions to their favorite Christmas songs, Taylor and Lewis were excited to spread some Christmas cheer.

Lewis, a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, leads the Wildcats with 17.4 points per game and 30 blocks, while her 6.9 rebounds per game are second-best on the team. She is averaging 25.3 minutes per game and has started all eleven matchups this season. In last night’s win, Lewis paced K-State with a career-best 30 points.

A key component from the Wildcats’ bench, Taylor, a native of Gary, Indiana, and transfer to K-State from State Fair Community College, is averaging 3.5 points per game, has 11 steals and 10 assists. She’s played in all 11 of the Wildcats’ games this season and recently (against FAU on Sunday, Dec. 13) scored a career-high 14 points in just 16 minutes of playing time. 

Here’s a look at what they had to say about the holidays:

Sports Extra: What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Breanna Lewis: Helping my grandmother cook. That’s it. It’s not really a special tradition; it’s just something that, growing up as a kid, I’d always be in the kitchen with my grandmother.
Antoinette Taylor: Mine is just being at my mom’s house smelling the food, sitting around with family on Christmas Eve, laughing, talking, wrapping gifts, taste testing. It’s great.

SE: What is your favorite Christmas song?
Lewis: ‘All I Want for Christmas is You,’ by Mariah Carey
Taylor: Oh yea, that’s a good one.
Lewis: Did you see her holiday performance last year? She was supposed to lip sync, but she didn’t. She had to really sing. And it was kind of bad. (Both laugh)

SE: What is the best Christmas gift or biggest surprise you’ve gotten for Christmas?
Lewis: I was just thinking about this the other day, when I was like 11 or 12, I was into video games because I grew up around a lot of boys. I was an only child but all my cousins were boys. So my mom bought me an X-Box for Christmas, and I just remember not wanting to open any more gifts and just hooking it up to the TV.Taylor: Mine wasn’t really my gift. I was younger and, I have a lot of brothers, so my mom had brought them a Fisher Price basketball hoop. I woke up like, ‘We have a basketball court!’ My mom had to tell me it wasn’t mine, but we still had fun playing on it. 

SE: Are you Christmas sweater fans?
Lewis: I haven’t really been one, but lately these Christmas sweaters I’ve seen, I’ve been tempted to buy one. I haven’t bought one yet.
Taylor: I have one; it’s a Mickey Mouse Christmas sweater.

SE: Do you do anything as a team for Christmas?
Taylor: We have a Christmas party at Coach (Jeff) Mittie’s house. Last year we had a Christmas party on the bus going to see the men’s team play in Kansas City.
Lewis: Last year we did a White Elephant gift exchange, but this year we’re doing Secret Santa with the team.

SE: If you could ride any reindeer, who would it be and why?
Lewis: I only know two: Prancer and Rudolph. 
Taylor: I think I only know Rudolph. So, him.
Lewis: Well, I’d ride Prancer; give him a little more attention like Rudolph.

SE: Do you leave cookies out for Santa?
Lewis: No! I’d eat them!
Taylor: I did when I was younger. We left brownies, cookies and milk. 

SE: Gift-wrapping or gift bag?
Lewis: Gift bag.
Taylor: Gift-wrapping.

SE: Sugar cookie or gingerbread cookie?
Lewis: Sugar.
Taylor: Gingerbread.

SE: Real tree or fake tree?
Lewis and Taylor in unison: Fake! (Both burst out in laughter

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K-State women’s basketball ended its non-conference schedule on Monday night in fine fashion, as the Wildcats defeated Western Illinois, 84-45, extending K-State’s win streak to seven games.

Junior center Breanna Lewis became the program’s 22nd player to score 30 or more points in a game, as she tallied a career-high 30 points on a career-high 14-of-19 shooting.

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