SE: Snyder Records 200th Career Win

Thousands of fans shouted his name. “BILL SNY-DER!” They roared this over and over, although this is a common occurrence in the stadium bearing his name. 

A few minutes later, K-State was celebrating a victory over in-state rival Kansas — also nothing new. The Wildcats have now won eight in a row over the Jayhawks and 21 out of 25 with Snyder as head coach. 

When the game concluded, with K-State on top 34-19, Snyder was doused with a Gatorade cooler. This was also not a first, not by a long shot for the coach who’s led K-State to two Big 12 Championships and soon to be 18 bowl games.  

These moments all came together for one reason. Well, 200 to be exact. 

Snyder entered a rare class of coaches by securing his 200th career victory, making him the 26th coach in FBS history to reach the mark and the only the sixth to do so while coaching at just one school. 

This milestone, he said after the game, is a shared accomplishment with so many other people. 

“Two-hundred is just a number. It’s what that stands for, and it stands for a lot of wonderful young people who have come through this program. Every single one of them has contributed to that particular number,” Snyder said. “You think about coaches that we’ve had through the years — coaches we have presently and others — and you think about the wonderful support staff that we’ve had and just people who have been here and some who have been here almost the entire duration.

“Then I think about my own personal family, the trials and tribulations and hardships that they have had to go through. As I said to our players, I think also about our university and the leadership in our university and how they’ve supported our program over the past 25 years. Anything good that happens here, there’s more people than you can name that really make it happen, and without them it doesn’t happen.” 

Saturday’s win happened to be K-State’s seventh of the season, the sixth time in the last seven years the Wildcats have reached that mark. At the game’s conclusion, a large share of the fans in attendance stuck around for a video presentation of some of K-State’s greatest moments of his career.

Snyder was then presented with a game ball near midfield before being carried off it by sophomore receiver Colby Moore and sophomore right tackle Dalton Risner. 

“Nothing they do surprises me,” Snyder said of the postgame celebration, “but I’m glad they hung on.” 

“It was something you’ll never forget,” senior receiver Deante Burton added, “and I hope it’s something he’ll never forget.”

Burton, with two games left in his K-State career, said there are certain sides of Snyder he’ll never forget. First on the list: his consistency. 

“Coach Snyder is a creature of habit. Practice is exactly 2 hours and 47 minutes. You can time it if you want to; we’ve tried. It’s exactly the same time every day,” he said. “Things start at 3:52, 2:47; everything is on schedule. He’s a creature of habit and I think that’s how he created such a great team and such a great atmosphere here is doing things the right way and doing them that way every time. That’s really something he harps on.”

Senior defensive back Donnie Starks agreed. 

“Being consistent day in and day out, that’s definitely what’s important,” said Starks, who snagged his third interception in two games and took it 39 yards for a touchdown against the Jayhawks. “If you’re consistent day in and day out in practice, that’s what will help you out. It doesn’t just happen in a game. He’s been consistent — daily, hourly, weekly.”

K-State fullback Winston Dimel has spent more time around Snyder than anyone on the team, considering his father, Dana Dimel, has been part of the K-State coaching staff off and on since 1987.  The sophomore said he always knew Snyder was a great coach. Win No. 200 is just another validation. 

“He’s done great things for this program and it’s truly a special thing he’s done here,” Dimel, who had two rushing touchdowns against Kansas, said. “I’ve known him since I was a little kid, so he’s always been part of my life. To be able to come play for him, it’s been very special.” 

Snyder reached 200 wins, junior linebacker Elijah Lee said, partly by not dwelling on such achievements and instead always searching for ways to improve. 

“He is an amazing role model. He is someone who is not complacent,” said Lee, who grabbed his fifth career interception on Saturday, the most by any linebacker under Snyder. “I think that since my freshman year I have been able to recognize that and that is kind of how I live my life now. The accomplishments, they will come, but you have to keep your head down and keep grinding.” 

Which is exactly what Snyder was ready to do after Saturday’s win, or every win for that matter. 

“What am I thinking about?” said Snyder, now with a 200-105-1 career record. “I’m thinking about getting out of here so I can go do some other things.” 

Those other things? Spend time with family, continue to mold young men’s lives and prepare for the Wildcats’ next opponent in TCU. 

“I’m sure maybe he’ll smile a little bit,” Burton said, “and then he’ll watch the film and go back to his stoic behavior.”