SE: Wildcats Focus on Bill Snyder’s 16 Goals for Success

Following team meetings on Monday afternoon, K-State football head coach Bill Snyder assigned his team some homework.

“I told them, ‘If you look down through those 16 Goals, there is hardly one that doesn’t apply to where we sit on this given day,’” Snyder began. “So my encouragement to them was to take about 10 minutes out of their night before they went to bed, to take the goals out, look at them and think, ‘How does this apply to me at this point in time?’”

Over the years, Snyder’s 16 Goals for Success have proven to make a key impact in the lives and performances of Wildcat football players both on and off the field. By encouraging these tips, these inspirational objectives, Snyder has turned good players into great players and has helped K-State turn around even in the midst of the toughest times. 

“They really mean so much to us,” said redshirt freshman center Dalton Risner. “When you look at them, they really portray so much. You can use them in everyday life and you can use them in football. Having those goals is great; it’s nice to have them. It’s nice to hear so many guys who used to play here come back and talk about how grateful they are for those 16 Goals and how they have really used them.”

With Snyder’s request in mind, each player took time to focus on the 16 Goals on Monday evening, and each Wildcat chose one goal they have focused to improve upon leading up to tomorrow morning’s game against Iowa State. 

Risner chose Goal No. 12, No Self Limitations.

“(Coach Snyder) said go look at all the 16 Goals, look at each one and if there’s one you need to work on, which would it be?” said Risner. “I chose ‘No Self Limitations’ because this whole year there have been times when I’ve put limitations on myself. I’m going against Andrew Billings (Baylor defensive tackle) and think ‘I’m not going to be able to pancake him every play,’ but that’s not something I need to do. I can’t put limitations on myself. 

“It’s probably something this whole team can do, too,” Risner continued. “We have a great team, and despite our record, we can’t put limitations on ourselves because we have played great this year. We can still get to a bowl game and finish this season 7-6.” 

Sophomore linebacker Will Davis chose to focus on Goal No. 15, Leadership.

“I chose Leadership,” said Davis. “That’s something that, especially us guys who have played over the course of the years, we really need to step up and tell the younger guys it’s time to go… we have to go – there’s no other option. So leadership, for me, that’s something that we need.”

Junior quarterback Joe Hubener chose Goal No. 11, Don’t Accept Losing. 

“I think the biggest one is ‘Don’t Accept Losing,’” said Hubener. “Obviously, with this team, we have a streak of losing, but we can’t be complacent in that. We can’t think it’s OK, because it’s not OK, and it’s not something that we can accept. You can’t accept losing.” 

The Wildcats have three games left to prove themselves this season, but with Snyder’s 16 Goals For Success in mind, this team believes anything is possible. 

“All of them, they’re all important in any situation in football – commitment, unity, unselfishness, expect to win,” said Hubener. “(Coach Snyder) preaches those 16 Goals; that’s the biggest thing he does to motivate us. He knows if we buy into them it’s going to pay off.”

Tomorrow’s game against Iowa State (3-7, 2-5 Big 12) kicks off at 11 a.m., in Bill Snyder Family Stadium and will be broadcast nationally on FOX Sports 1. Fans can also hear the game across the K-State Sports Network (click here for affiliate list) and Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 119, XM Channel 200.

For game notes and more information on tomorrow’s matchup, please click here.  

A look at:
Bill Snyder’s 16 Goals For Success
1. Commitment 
2. Unselfishness
3. Unity
4. Improve
5. Be Tough
6 Self-Discipline
6. Great Effort
8. Enthusiasm
9. Eliminate Mistakes
10. Never Give Up
11. Don’t Accept Losing
12. No Self Limitations
13. Expect to Win
14. Consistency
15. Leadership
16. Responsibility

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